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Level 1 anabolic steroid precursors were first introduced in 2007. Anabolic steroid precursors are chemical compounds that were created by pharmaceutical companies for medical purposes. For whatever reason, they were not put on to the market and labeled as an anabolic steroid. In most cases, this is because there may be an injectable form, which is stronger or more efficient. For medical purposes, oral medicines always take a back seat to injectibles as doctors and medical companies make far higher profits from injectables as they can only be administered by trained personnel. Level 1 precursors have been used for the last three years with phenomenal success. Most athletes and bodybuilders will see dramatic gains in muscle size, strength and definition from level 1 products.

Halotest-25 and Primabol
How much weight will I put on with Halotest-25 or Primabol?
When doing 8 week cycles, the gains will average 10-12lbs. for Halotest-25. Primabol gains will be slightly less but strength gains are more pronounced. Halotest-25 wight gains are slightly higher but a small percentage is water, which comes off when use is discontinued. As stated before, different people will respond differently to each compound so if one does not give the desired results, try the other, they are completely different compounds.

Should I take an anti-estrogen product with Halotest-25 or Primabol?
It is generally not needed as the 30 day cycle is very short and estrogen build up is very slight. An anti-estrogen like Noestrogen is recommended for 60 day cycles as higher testostrone levels for extended periods can lead to the body producing extra estrogen. If at any time, you have any signs of estrogen build up (sore nipples or other) you should get Noestrogen immediately.

Do I need to take Post-Cycle after Halotest-25 or Primabol?
Absolutely. Post-Cycle is imperative to retain the muscle mass gained. When taking any synthetic testosterone, pro-steroid, steroid precursor, pro-hormone or anabolic steroid, natural testosterone production is decreased. It will naturally return after ceasing the anabolic but it takes 3-4 weeks. Post-Cycle will expedite that process and have natural testosterone levels raised immediately so you can keep your gains.

What other supplements should I take with Halotest-25 or Primabol?
In most cases we recommend a creatine ethyl ester product such as Muscle-Swell and a pre-workout drink like Mass-Pump. Creatine ethyl ester will add a few more pounds on in 30 days. We also recommend our Re-Fuel post-workout product. While on any anabolic, your body will grow more in 30 days than it normally would in 6-12 months. Re-Fuel provides muscles with every ingredient known to repair muscles and recover faster. This enables you to train more frequently and at higher performance levels stimulating even further muscle growth. Other than that, your protein intake is the most important element. We recommend a minimum of 6-7 meals of at least 40-50g of protein.

Can I stack Halotest-25 or Primabol with anything else?
Yes, however most individuals do not need to. Most people will gain 6-8lbs. of lean muscle mass taking Halotest-25 for 30 days and 4-6lbs. on Primabol. When doing 8 week cycles, the gains will average 10-12lbs for Halotest-25 and 8-10lbs. for Primabol. The body can only grow so fast and expecting to put on more weight than that is just impossible (without tremendous water weight gains). We have tested Halotest-25 for over 3 years now and have found that 30 days on, followed by 30 days off can be done all year. Most individuals gained over 25lbs. over the course of 12 months. That is a lot of muscle weight to gain in one year yet it was done by 70% of the individuals on the plan. Powerlab is backed by real clinical studies, not hype and inflated weight gains due to water retention.

When should I take Halotest-25 or Primabol and do I take it with food?
Halotest-25 is better taken without food on an empty stomach. You can eat 15min. after taking a capsule. You can take Halotest-25 or Primabol anytime during the day as it will not cause sleep issues. You will want to space dosages out during the day. Halotest-25 is best taken morning and mid afternoon (around 4pm or prior to training). Primabol is taken three times daily, six hours apart.

The directions on Halotest-25 are different from the recommendations here, why?
Halotest-25 should be taken 1 capsule, two times daily. It can be taken for up to for 4 weeks or 8 week cycles. We have learned most people do better on 8 week cycles than 4 week cycles. Also, people have a tendency to take more than recommended once they start seeing the dramatic results. The labeling on the bottle is therefore more conservative.

Strictly for the hard gainer, Powerlab Nutrition introduces, it’s newest products, Halotren and Epitest. Both are combinations of pre-existing steroid precursors. By increasing the dosage, there is an increase in side effects. Powerlab Nutrition avoids the side effects by using 2 precursors rather than just raising the dosage. The gains are more substantial and the side effects are virtually non-existent. For most people, a single precursor is enough but if you are an extreme hard-gainer, try Halotren or Epitest.

Halotren and Epitest
Halotren is a combination of the Halotest chemical compound and the 13-ethyl chemical compound (similar to the recently banned Tren compound). Epitest is a combination of the Halotest chemical compound and Epistane chemical compound. Even though aromatization is VERY minimal, we recommend taking Noestrogen with Halotren or Epitest, especially in 8 week cycles which we have found to give the maximum gains. In most individuals, there is very minimal estrogen conversion but by taking Noestrogen, you will have zero aromatization and it actually adds to the gains produced by further increasing testosterone levels.

What about stacking? What should I take?
We have received a lot of inquiries regarding what to stack level 2 compounds with. Everyone wants to know which product is right for them. The answer is simple and complex, different compounds work differently for each individual. Some will work better than others but they will all yield results that are far superior to any legal products on the market today. Level 2 compounds (Epitest and Halotren ) are combinations of existing precursors. They are the strongest on the market and even hard gainers can expect gains of 8-10bs. in 30 days, 13-15lbs. in 60 days. The results are as good or better than most injectable anabolic steroids. If you are going to stack a level 2 product, we recommend that you stack it with a level 1 product. Make sure to take Noestrogen (an anti-estrogen) while taking Level 2 products or while stacking as it will increase the positive effects and eliminate all side-effects. We do not recommend any cycles lasting more than 8 weeks. Make sure to take Post-Cycle at the end of your cycle to ensure to keep your hard earned gains.

In 2009, Powerlab Nutrition introduced the end all of steroid precursors. Produced only for the most hardcore bodybuilders and strength athletes. Androbol was an instant sensation. Users were seeing gains of over 20lbs. of muscle mass in 8 weeks. Naturally, when word got out about the phenomenal gains, the FDA and DEA were quick to act and banned one of the chemical compounds in Androbol as a schedule III anabolic steroid.

So for 2010, Powerlab Nutrition introduces Androdrol. The same chemical precursors as Androbol except one which has been replaced by the epistane chemical compound (a muscle hardener). Of course, Androdrol also contains our patented ABSORBTECH delivery system that allows for virtually 100% absorption. Androdrol (like Androbol) also contains an anti-estrogen to eliminate water weight and side effects caused by many products that just put large amounts of one precursor in, not caring about bloating, gyno or other side effects.

In addition to helping the hard gainer, Andrdrol is also the legal alternative for individuals who have used illegal steroids in the past are unable to get results from anything on the market. For many prior steroid users, precursors do not work. Androdrol ends that issue. The calculated mix of precursors in Androdrol will work for everyone; the hard gainer, the steroid abuser, the powerlifter or the strength athlete looking for an edge. Welcome to the future, with the introduction of Androdrol, anyone can make massive gains.


Are Powerlab Nutrition precursors legal?
Currently, they are. The chemical compounds are covered under the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act.

What is the best way to take anabolic precursors?
Precursors can be taken all year round for continual, steady gains; 30 days of a single precursor, followed by 30 days of Post-Cycle can be repeated all year long.
Precursors can also be taken in 60 day cycles for more immediate gains. After 60 days, make sure to immediately take Post-Cycle and then take a minimum of 30 days off.
Level 1 products can be stacked and will be more beneficial when stacked than when taking more than directed, which can increase chances of side-effects.
In short, there are several ways to safely take precursors. Whether your goal is immediate, dramatic muscle mass gains or long-term year round results.

Will I show positive for steroids on a drug test?
Keep in mind 99% of drug tests used by employers do not test for anabolics. Steroid tests are very expensive and rarely used except by athletic associations. Halotest-25, Primabol, Halotren, Epitest and Androdrol will all show as a positive on an anabolic steroid test. Please do not use our precursors if you are in college or professional athletic programs. It takes approximately 7-10 days for precursors to clear the body completely and test negative.

Which precursor is best for me?

Each precursor works differently for each individual. In general, follow the levels listed above, the higher the Level, the stronger the product. However, keep in mind based on your individual goals, each precursor is designed to achieve a different goal. Your decision should be based on your goal whether it is lean weight, best strength or maximum weight gain.

Can I stack this with this?
Level 1 can be stacked with level 2 or level 3. We do not recommend stacking a level 2 with a level 3. Also, Level 3 (Androdrol) is extremely strong and you may want to try it alone before stacking.

Do I need a liver protector?
For 4 week cycles, we say no. For 8 week cycles it is a good idea. For either length, it will not hurt results and it is never a bad idea.

Should I take anabolic precursors everyday or just days I train and when should I take it?
You need to take them everyday, 2x daily except Primabol which is 3x daily. Try to space out the dosages so you keep an elevated testosterone level all day and night. It is best taken on an empty stomach for maximum absorption.


Post-Cycle should be taken immediately following any anabolic cycle. Post-Cycle will immediately raise natural testoterone levels which dip during any prohormone or anabolic precursor cycle. Most users actually gain a little more muscle mass while on Post-Cycle.

During a 4 week cycle, Noestrogen is not needed. If you are doing an 8 week cycle which is what we recommend, you should take Noestrogen for the second 4 weeks. Noestrogen will not only suppress estrogen in the body, it actually makes the user see less water bloat and makes muscles appear harder.


We recommend taking Mass-Pump during any prohormone or anabolic precursor cycle. Mass-Pump will increse your training levels, intensity and focus in the gym. Better workouts equal better results.

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