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09-26-2007 08:31:53 [ Nick ]" ... Pretty anxious to see what this dren is all about. If it's actually anything like real clen (clenbuterol) or even close then it's going to be amazing. Been looking for a serious fat burner for years that's over the counter. Let's see what DREN brings.. when is it out? "

10-01-2007 13:53:11 [ Ronnie ]" ... Anxious for this new supplement. I am a big fan of the newest MHP line of products, especially sarm-x.. just nice to have supplements that work and are worth the money. The other one I love is Gaspari.. the rest are just hype. "

10-06-2007 11:18:04 [ Awesome ]" ... Very psyched to try it out.. heard some very good reviews and amazing results from an inside source. He did a 12 week cycle and is ripped, I saw him in person.. "

10-17-2007 20:46:43 [ Matthew ]" ... I actually ran a TESTER log for MHP for DREN. The only difference in weight reduction was 2 lbs in 4 weeks. That is with a strict diet and a detailed training routine. MHP is playing off TRUE things that work and in the process, getting people to "fool" themselves in to thinking it can actually be like CLEN. NO WAY! "

10-18-2007 06:10:47 [ Kenny ]" ... I have to disagree with the previous post, I personally ran a 10 week sample cycle of mhp dren and lost 18 pounds in that time. Waist dropped 3 inches and muscularity improved tremendously. The euphoric effect is also very much real, and actually a great buzz! From my personal experiencing, there is zero "fooling" around, mhp dren is the real deal. "

10-23-2007 17:34:57 [ Excellent ]" ... After 2 short weeks getting some really sweet results, fat is co ming off and it's very noticeable. Zero bad side effects as of yet, really glad I gave it a go. "

10-27-2007 07:57:28 [ Nicolas, TE ]" ... Just going on my 2nd week with dren and no joke it's the quickest and most effective diet pill I have used in my 10+ years in this area. And it's true, you do get a happy buzz throughout the day, great bonus! "

10-29-2007 16:49:48 [ Great ]" ... Loving dren.. really something totally different for sure, and the weight loss is noticeable. "

11-13-2007 15:15:08 [ Jorge ]" ... So far very good results with dren, have been using it for just over a month and am impressed. "

11-29-2007 18:26:58 [ Dan ]" ... Too soon to tell only been on Dren for 6 days. Now this euphoric feeling I think nothing does that for me anymore but my workouts have been more intense. Hopefully IP will see more as time passes"

12-11-2007 07:41:35 [ bing ]" ... just started as of 12/11/07. I have weighed in at 155 at 14% bodyfat at the start of this cycle. I have a daily routine of an hour of cardio and than weightlift afte. I will keep everbody posted.I'm hell bent on getting ripped and flipped!!!! "

12-31-2007 14:51:56 [ chris ]" ... I've taken Hydroxycut in the past and wasn't too happy with it, so I switched to DREN and I must say that this stuff is awesome. I'm not sure if it has any thermogenic stuff or increased energy, however when I'm on the threadmill, I'm wanting to go furthur and faster. It's like I have that no care attitude, were it usually used to be... "damn, when is my 40 mins gonna be up" "

01-02-2008 08:27:19 [ Justin ]" ... On Dren now for 3 weeks and its helping me burn fat, and keeps me relaxed and focused at work, its great stuff. "

01-20-2008 07:50:43 [ Pete ]" ... Started with DREN 2 weeks ago and this stuff is for real. Working excellent for me and the buzz you get (the euphoric feeling) is really something you have to experience for yourself, I am hooked! "

01-25-2008 14:23:53 [ Jay ]" ... I have used DREN for a full month now and I have got to tell you that I am disappointed in the result. It gave me a little jump of energy after taking it, but it quickly wore off. As for the 'euphoric' feeling - not a clue of what you guys are talking about b/c it did nothing for me. Maybe it depends on body make up or type, but apparantly it is not for me. I burned just as much fat as I did using nothing and working out and watching what I put in my body. "

01-26-2008 05:00:34 [ Rain ]" ... I LOVE this stuff! The product doesn't make me jittery, but, far less aware of workout fatigue. I can run longer and faster before getting worn out. There is a long lasting 'happy' feeling, but, the product wears off after about eight hours. Is it necessary to take one every twelve hours to maximize effective results? "

01-28-2008 17:07:57 [ The Dawg ]" ... I just started Dren and the happy feeling is excellent. I am way more focused on my lifts. My leg workouts increased and my upper body is staying about the same but with more energy to finish my lifts. This is an excellent product! Also, I can bike and run forever with this stuff. It is really great! "

01-29-2008 11:33:39 [ Rob ]" ... Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in there. I've been on DREN for almost 2.5 weeks now and the results are EFFING amazing. I've lost anywhere between 2-3 lbs a day (obviously with a diet as well, but no exercise) and I feel full almost 24/7. My daily eating intake is way down as the DREN makes me feel full about 18 hours out of the day. Intake is down to 800-1000 calories a day down from 2K+ and I feel full all of the time.

Gives me much more power and endurance during my workouts as well. Will never give this up! Hydroxycut who? "

02-04-2008 14:09:38 [ Matt ]" ... Just started taking DREN a few days ago. I used to take hydroxycut hardcore, but I think I developed a tolerance to it. I asked the guy at GNC and he said that this was the newest product out there. Can't wait to see my results. "

02-14-2008 19:39:26 [ Jason ]" ... I bought this stuff tonight, largely due to these reviews. I took one just to see if I felt anything, nothing so far, and I also believe I could fall asleep right now if I wanted to. Not a good sign for a fat burner/energy supplement. Oh well, here's hoping! "

02-15-2008 07:53:20 [ MRL ]" ... Does anyone know if this is an ok supplement for women? "

02-16-2008 14:40:30 [ eric ]" ... been on dren now for 7 days and love it so far!! I upped my running from 2 to 3 miles a day and added a 5k bike ride evryday, and it is mostly due to the extra energy i have in the gym via the dren. along with a chicken, egg white, wheat breat, cheese and meat diet i have lost 5 pounds so far. "

02-18-2008 20:47:57 [ Jason ]" ... I've used it for 4 days now, and have felt nothing. At one point I was taking one every half hour to see what would happen. I got to 9 yes 9 capsules before I felt even the slightest bit jittery! No energy, no heightenend euphoria, no more money out of my pocket!!!! "

02-18-2008 20:57:56 [ Nick ]" ... That's quite normal Jason, 4 days is not nearly enough time. "

02-21-2008 12:36:28 [ Mike ]" ... Ahhhh...First day of Dren, 5 hours into it, and i think im ready for a nap.......... no buzz, no energy.. I work out 5 times a week, eat 7 meals. Im not sitting here eating chips and candy expecting this drug to work. Clearly ephedra is the only answer to artificial weight loss "

02-21-2008 12:56:40 [ Big Show ]" ... Product is awesome, Seeing more gains every week, great amounts of energy, and lost 18lbs in just three short weeks. Mike if you sleep at night like a normal person it definately helps "

02-21-2008 13:13:13 [ Mike ]" ... Big Show - I refuse to sleep, i rely on this drug as a sleep replacement pill. I am thinking of upping my intake of cocaine to 3 grams a day and upping the dren to 3 pills. What do you think? Look forward to your response.With Boots on,Mike "

02-24-2008 07:44:55 [ David Coty ]" ... I have started a 30 day blog on the effects of Dren. Day 1 is tommorrow! please check it out - non-biased, normal person taking Dren in conjuntion with a healthy diet and exercise.check out blogspot for drenlog "

02-24-2008 17:41:10 [ elijah ]" ... this product just not for me, not enough caffiene and the 5HTP (hydrotrytophan) made me sleepy.i guess everybody is different MHP might need to reconfigure fat burning matrix....good luck "

02-26-2008 22:21:09 [ Ron ]" ... It is working awesome for me. great stuf I can run forever and dont get tired. "

02-27-2008 05:18:20 [ Tom ]" ... This product is by far the best I have tried. I felt the energy, felt better the "euphoric" feeling. And when not working out, I was still sweating a lil bit..letting me know that I was still burning fat. I was reading some of these posts and some of the people above are ridiculous the product states do not take more than 8 weeks and do NOT take more than 1 capsule a day. This product has the highest amount a normal human beings' body is supposed to be able to handle SAFELY. But it's the best out there in my mind and cheapest. Good Luck "

02-29-2008 06:14:44 [ Margot ]" ... This is my first week taking it- still not sure if it works as well as many of you claim. But I will keep you posted as I've just started!- And I will let you know its effects on a woman if any different than what the men have stated. I have no problem sleeping, no jitters either- My last cycle was 4 weeks of ephedra, will this effect the results of Dren?

Also how long are most of your cycles? "

03-01-2008 13:19:16 [ victoria ]" ... . I took my first pill today and its the worst feeling ever! Am I the only one to have terrible side effects? My heart feels like its going to explode and im shaking uncontrolable (i look like i have joke) and I am so nauseas I cant walk, move, or even talk! SOmeone please help me... Does anyone know of a reason why this could be? "

03-02-2008 14:13:23 [ D-BO ]" ... Wow. I started taking Dren a few days ago and I feel like I have been going 100 miles per hour ever since. I haven’t felt like this since taking the old school hydroxycut. Hopefully I see some results. The first day or two that I was taking this I definitely felt like my heart was pounding. I think my body just needed to get used to it. "

03-04-2008 20:40:24 [ Jamey ]" ... Working well, just about to finish my first box and starting on the second one. "

03-06-2008 07:12:02 [ biggreen62 ]" ... I went to GNC for hydroxycut and came away with Dren. I was already in decent shape but I have lost about 8 pounds in four weeks 250 - 242. I would say the biggest impact was the fact that I get much less fatigued at the gym (especially the cardio). I take it about 2 hours before a workout. I think it helps and I'm getting another box of it today. "

03-07-2008 06:17:27 [ Sammy ]" ... Really pleased with the results, didn't know what to expect really as a friend suggested it but I am glad I gave it a go. Dren really is worth every penny, finally.. I can say that about a supplement. "

03-09-2008 04:20:16 [ chrisn ]" ... been using it for the past 3 days and feel great! Already noticing that I'm not eating as much and increased energy. Lost 2 lbs without working out so I'm going to start cardio on Monday and I should be able to lose more. This stugg works great! "

03-10-2008 18:32:42 [ obie ]" ... How many are you guys taking a day?"

03-11-2008 11:26:23 [ olie ]" ... You ONLY take one. This stuff if intense "

03-12-2008 19:20:23 [ upthere ]" ... Good results so far. On 8th day--lost 4 lbs so far. A little jittery the first two days, but just heat now. I think the big test will not be the first 10 pounds that I need to lose, but the 2nd 10 pounds. Starting at 247lbs (6'4"). Trying to get to 225-ish. All of my "extra" weight is in my abdominal area, so if this stuff works, I should know fairly quickly "


03-16-2008 12:47:58 [ KC ]" ... I have been on this product for 5 days now. So far I like the energy boosy ay the gym, still waiting to see the results on the scale. I have had a constant tickle in my throat and increased amounts of phlem is this natural?"

03-16-2008 19:14:01 [ Greg ]" ... KC, you seem surprised to still be waiting to see results on the scale, AFTER 5 DAYS! haha.. you need to be patient, there is nothing that will help you lose fat in 5 days. Stay focused, eat and train properly, and with the aid of dren you'll get the results you need. "

03-17-2008 11:42:42 [ Angela ]" ... I agree with previous postings. This product side effects must really depend body weight. I have been taking for 4 days and within the first 2-3 hours of taking, I was extremely jittery, and felt like I was going to have a panic attack. But I've lost 2 pounds so far!! My appetite has decreased tremendously. "

03-19-2008 06:39:34 [ KC ]" ... Greg I understand how supplements work, my main reason for posting was to find out if anyone else has the same side effects. I am just trying to find out what side effects are natural to this supplement. "

03-19-2008 07:25:16 [ Margot ]" ... KC, I have had the same phlem issue, you are not alone. I wonder what causes it? I'm seeing effects from it, but not as dramatic as many claim. "

03-24-2008 20:58:52 [ Isi ]" ... I will start taking tomorrow, I'm scared because I drive a school bus for living...Should I feel worried or is it just your norm side effects... "

03-25-2008 12:43:42 [ James ]" ... I just started taking Dren on Monday I did feel more energetic and focused. The second day I did 200 ab crunches w/o much of a sweat(So far so Good).Tonights my heavy workout I'll let you know how it goes. Has nayone else noticed a cleansing effect? Not to be graphic but this thing is really cleaning me out. I had at least 3 solid deposits over a footlong. It could also be that I have have focused more on my diet. Eating mostly whole grain and veggies the last two days as well. Not a problem just really moving things along(LOL) Wish me luck!! "

03-25-2008 18:43:37 [ Isi ]" ... Well, I did notice I was in a bad mood for a few hours then I was fine..I will keep taking it for the next couple of days to see how it works... "

03-27-2008 21:02:03 [ vicster ]" ... I will be starting tomarrow, just received the dren I have used many different fat burners since we owned a GNC MHP has a good name keep you posted on how it works for females "

03-28-2008 13:47:24 [ James ]" ... Ok Guys/Gals? I have now completed a full week on Dren. I feel great,I'm more focused and energetic than I have been in a long time. I didn't experience any decrease in my strength or muscle mass,just the fat. I have already lost 5 1/2 lbs and 2 inches off my waist.My mood is great and my hunger is way down.So far I am totally satisfied.the cleansing has subsided. I think the key is regular workouts and excercise. dren is great but it doesn't work by itself! You have to contribute the sweat and determination! "ELEVATE DON"T DENIGRATE" "

03-31-2008 17:06:52 [ Nick ]" ... I really want to start Dren - but I am concerned about coming off of it once I reach my goal weight. Does anyone know what the effects are after stopping use? Are there risks of dependency or depression? "

04-02-2008 12:47:18 [ James ]" ... Ok guys/gals I think this thing may actually be for real! I'm down to 209.5 from 217 in one week! I getting back my six back! "

04-02-2008 20:12:26 [ Randi ]" ... I like to take things once a day, thats why I got this. I was taking Viva, has anyone tried it? hope it goes well. i will keep everyone updated on how it goes "

04-07-2008 11:30:21 [ rock ]" ... gave average grade just starting today, myworkouts mostly consist of cardio, I workout at a boxing gym will this be to much for that kind of workout, and will I be to jittery when hitting mitts or bags "

04-09-2008 17:57:51 [ Jim ]" ... Is having your heart feel like its gonna burst out of your chest normal? Besides that in my work out I have a lot more energy, and the feeling you get is amazing, best product I've tried by far. "

04-17-2008 07:01:59 [ Cameron ]" ... Started with DREN two weeks ago and love it. Really works extremely well, and best of all zero damn side-effects like all the other products in the same genre give me. Going to stick with this for a few months and see how far I can go. "

04-17-2008 12:10:57 [ Weston ]" ... On my first week with Dren I had some side-effects make me go to the bathroom after 30 min so I wait one - two hours to workout, and feel some jittery too, second week no side effects at all now I'm on my third week I sweat a lot during workout. I never use any stimulant before I don't drink coffee, no caffeine, I'm glad that the side effects stop after a week when I finish the box I'll burn naturally to see the different.


04-20-2008 16:54:10 [ Marcus ]" ... I am just finishing my first box. As is my girlfriend. I think it is a great product. Day one was fierce. but I adjusted quickly playing around with when I ate according when I took it. After about a week and a half I started takin two about 7 hours apart, then took a couple of days off. Now back to one a day. Feel great and go go go for hours. I am in pretty good shape already, but have let my 6 pack go. I feel like I have leaned up a little but have only dropped about 10 lbs. I dont follow the scale anyway. My girlfriend loves it. she can do cardio for hours and has really toned up with tight abs and a well defined back for a female. I'll get box #2 tomorrow. "

04-21-2008 15:08:35 [ Edouble ]" ... Thinking about using it. Hydroxycut isn't working as well as I would like. where do you guys suggest I get it? Looking to get down from about 230 lbs to a solid 210. Help "

04-22-2008 20:00:38 [ Marcus ]" ... Edouble I like to order supps off of the net. but it's only $31 at the Vitamin world here so i went there to get it. I think it will help you, then once you drop some weight mabey try Atro-Phex from BSN "

04-27-2008 10:05:01 [ Peach Fuz ]" ... I weight 108lbs and want to get down to 100lbs, hoping this is the answer on top of exercising. does not. I was hoping this works like old Staker 2. "

05-08-2008 13:49:09 [ FrankA ]" ... I used Hydroxycut for 6 weeks, lost about 15lbs. Within the last 2 weeks, it didn't have any effect on me. Just started on Dren yesterday. Looking forward to see what it can. I need to lose another 15lbs. "

05-09-2008 09:05:11 [ NJ ]" ... I started a diet and exercise program 4 weeks ago with fairly slow results for the amount of effort that I have been putting into it (6.5 lbs). I picked up Dren at a local supplement/vitamin store 4 days ago and started taking it right away. The first day I was able to actually take a short nap (much needed!) without any problems. The second day I forgot about the "no caffeine" suggestion and had a cup of coffee in the morning soon after taking it - oops! Talk about bouncing off the walls! At least that subsided after a couple of hours. After taking Dren for four days with the same diet and excercise that I had been doing - I have lost 4 more pounds! "

05-12-2008 15:55:58 [ Spencer ]" ... This stuff worked very well. I just took one before my workout and ending up doing around 45 mins more of my workout then usual. Not feeling tired but started to feel almost psycho. Its almost like Dren is short for Adrenalinee. It gave me a weird feeling at first when I took it then a few hours later, it changed to a more calm feeling. Definitely try one pack out. I was raised on caffeine and I can tell you, I have tried almost anything out there. This stuff is really potent but prepare for your best workout in years! "

05-13-2008 20:38:00 [ MJ ]" ... Hey People ... i usually don't write reviews, but i got alot of good feedback on here be4 i went out and bought myself a pack ... soooo ... returning the favor ...

Bought a pack on Friday ... took it for the first time today on Tuesday ... FYI ... imma big energy drink / caffeine junkie, i usually have 2 - 3 rockstars per day ... so it was hard cutting out my morning one, but i had tea in the morning ... ate lunch and then took dren around 2 in the afternoon ... i didn't feel anything sitting at my desk at work, but when i hit the gym at 5 ... Woww!!!! ... this stuff really starts to kick in when u get ur body going ... i guess it has a time release effect ... ne ways, it's my first day ... had a more energetic workout which i needed for cardio ... we'll see how i sleep 2nite ... but so far so good ... i recommend it ... "

05-14-2008 15:04:47 [ Nathaly ]" ... I started taking this product about two wks ago, so far It has given me a lot of energy. I only need to take once a day and I'm up all day!!! I still have not weighted myself but I will check that out next wk. "

05-15-2008 17:23:27 [ ashley, Fl ]" ... Well, i just started taking dren! I feel amazing and i'm haveing better work outs. im only on my forth day. I hope my body will improve. "

05-18-2008 01:23:03 [ Wyatt ]" ... I took my first pill of Dren and I was shaking up a storm. I've taken Ripped fuel,Tight,and all kinds of stuff. With a good diet and working, we will see how it works. "

05-19-2008 22:51:50 [ Ash ]" ... I have started taking DREN and this stuff is awesome. I have not felt any jitters. I work nights, so I figured it would be a good test to see if it will give me that extra boost of energy for the longhaul. I bought my Dren online at This site has some goos stuff on it. I will keep everybody posted on my stats. "

05-20-2008 08:41:44 [ Chris Chaos Scott ]" ... Ladies and gentleman let me start by saying i am a personnal trainer and professional fighter,i am 195 with 7 % body fat i took this for the first time and my leg workout was rediculous 10 -10 rep sets of 120 lbs with 4minutes roman chairs in between then on to a spartan 300 workout. I NEVER FATIGUED.....normally i would be exausted , i fight pro mma and do circuit training alot, also ill keep posting my results but if the fat burning is good enough to take me to 4 % im buying stock in this product... oh yeah about the buzz thing ..... YOU GOTTA TRY THIS!... I would almost tell people to get off anti depressants and to take dren.... awsome stuff so far i will be taking this when i fight next month! "

05-20-2008 12:39:02 [ Melissa ]" ... Today is my first day! Wow, crazy energy like clen. It says dont take more than 1 in 12 hours. I took my 1 cap 5.5 hours ago, i feel like i could take another. Any takes on this? Is that just a precaution label??? "

05-23-2008 14:06:45 [ slim p ]" ... well im on my 4th day of dren and halodrol liquigels and concret creatine and honestly i see no change just sore as hell but no change and i was weak during my last two workouts sorry "

05-27-2008 13:15:42 [ lil bit ]" ... ... I'M on my second day of dren and I have to say my energy level is way outs these last two days have been far so good.. "

05-27-2008 16:59:47 [ Laarni ]" ... Ok, to start with, after lots research about this product (and many others as well) I've decided to try this one out. I will be getting it this week so I'll have to keep you posted on my progress on it.

First off, I'm a girl, roughly 5'5", about 190 lbs (at the moment - and I know where it all came from, so I'm not horribly upset about it), and want to try something other than Lipo 6 and Hydroxycut Hardcore. For last month I've been doing moderate cardio about 4-5x's a week and plan on doing so when I get this product. I want to get down to about 150-ish and even though I want it to come off fast, it's not (lol) and is definitely going to take some work. As I try this for the next month I'll post any progress I have with it. "

05-28-2008 14:40:03 [ Melissa ]" ... Ok, I have learned one thing. Take this with food. I am on my 2nd week and friday I decided to take it on an empty stomach. I was very ill, throwing up and felt like horrible. AND, I took 2 days off and started back up today, WOW, it makes me speed like a true thermo!!! Great product, definately recommend it!!! "

05-28-2008 18:22:19 [ lil bit ]" ... Third day..lots of energy..feeling a warming sensation throughout my whole body..guess that's what the term thermo means..did cardio for 30 mins and 40 minute leg workout..could of done lots more but I had to get ready for level for my 8 hour work day was on is what I can say.. "

05-29-2008 17:11:00 [ Cherry ]" ... HOT! This thing is the best, but bit worried about the heart beating too fast. Euphoric feeling? Yes, as well as the ******. "

05-29-2008 21:07:38 [ vanna ]" ... I'm on my 5th pill and my energy level is up and down,no energy to work out....I hope it gets better. Some days I'm very happy, other days I'm just mean. "

05-30-2008 16:50:37 [ kite-chick ]" ... I am on my 6th day and definately don't crave food as much as I used to. I do pee..pee.. a lot. I feel lots of energy I would also recommend at least eating a banana before taking it. Review "

06-02-2008 10:15:44 [ Heath ]" ... I start burping within 30-45 minutes of taking it, nasty tast comes with it. I have aslo noticed I pee a heck of alot more. I have aslo learned a very important thing -while takling Dren- do not drink alcohol, I got drunk pretty fast and had to worst hang over ever. Even my friends were shocked how 4 beers really messed me up. "

06-02-2008 17:01:11 [ Jeremy ]" ... Does anyone know a good time to take Dren? Like how long before a workout and with food or not? I have been taking it a little under a week and definitely feel that euphoric feeling but I want to maximize its potency. Any suggestions? "

06-02-2008 21:01:21 [ James ]" ... There is no nasty taste, it's a PILL (Heath). Anyways, I wouldn't be surprised if 99% of the negative reviews were fake. Dren works remarkably well and I've never met anyone that has had a bad experience with it. Yes it's a bit pricier, but if you're lookign for results you'll get them with dren. "

06-02-2008 22:18:11 [ here Kitty Kitty ]" ... This product appears to be really promising, have seen the results on a few guys at the gym, and want to know if women can take this succesfully and is there a rebound effect (gain it all back) also want to know if this can ONLY be taken for 8 weeks (read that in an earlier review) Hope to hear from someone that is really knowledgable about Dren....THANKS! "

06-03-2008 15:00:15 [ Crazysnaxx ]" ... I just started taking Dren. Sat/Sun/Mon nothing different. I did have energy to last me through the day. Today ( the 4th day) I had a latte. Holy hell. There is a reason they tell you not to drink coffee. I felt horrible. My heart was racing for about 2 hours. Felt like I was going to puke and drop dead. But that was my fault. Just a warning from me. Listen to the warnings on the label. "

06-04-2008 08:11:10 [ lil bit ]" ... on my 10th day of energy.. no nothing.. just makes me tired as hell...good sleep aid for the end of the day...this is my third post..guess they wont post it if there is too much negativity..."

06-04-2008 09:00:16 [ Heath ]" ... James- that was not a cut on Dren. I simply stated what I have noticed right after taking the pill. Yes it is a pill, as for the tast that I burp up, who knows. Anyways I have been on it for 6 days and have droped 5 lbs. and have not even been working out as hard as I should. "

06-04-2008 09:14:10 [ Steve ]" ... best time to take it would be on an empty stomache much like any other fat burner. This way it is the first thing to enter your bodies system. And the kid who mentioned he is peeing alot, thats because your water intake is a lot greater with Dren, you have to drink atleast 8-10 12 ounce servings a day, if your body isnt used to it, you'll be peeing constantly for a few days. But Dren is amazing... gets you a little amped up but does the job "

06-04-2008 14:17:16 [ James ]" ... Hey Heath, no worries.. sometimes I get all worked up for nothing. Great, awesome results actually - congrats and keep up the great work. I kinda know what you mean with the powder burps.. I get that with some multi-vitamin capsules I take.. kinda gross!

James "

06-05-2008 13:57:15 [ Nima ]" ... why am i getting bad side rapid heart beat and all seems like a good diet 16 male 160 pounds is this not made for me? am i too young? "


06-06-2008 14:35:52 [ Heath ]" ... Hey James, That is what I was referring to. I get the same thing after I take my vitamin B complex. I would give this product a pretty high rating. It reminds me of Ripped Fuel back in the day. "

06-06-2008 22:58:43 [ David ]" ... Day 5 taking DREN. No noticible side effects yet, I can't testify to fat loss either because I haven't been taking it long enough. That said, I do like this product so far. The first day was definitely most noticible in terms of effect on my body. Jitters and an amped up feeling was the worst of it. Day 2 through 5 has evened out, and I'm definitely getting more out of my workouts. Effects seem to wear off 8-10 hours after taking it, and you're only supposed to take it once every 24 hours. Started at 17% bodyfat, 192 lbs. I will come back and post stats again after the first 30 days. "

06-07-2008 22:10:52 [ Knuckles ]" ... OK guys. TO start. Im a heavyweight. 329 lbs former power lifter. Today was my first day on dren. The stuff works as far as energy go's. Tonight will be my first workout on the stuff. Ill report back tomorrow on how it works. One noticable side effect and i think its a good one. I think i know where all the water go's and why you feel thirsty all the time. I usualy sweat PROFUSELY all the time. Today on dren. I didnt sweat at all. And my Muscles have felt and looked more pumped all day. The sleeves on my uniform shirt were actually tighter. I cant wait to see what happens at the 30th day. Anyway ill tell you how tonights workout go's. PEACE. Ohhh and no shakes or jitters all day long here. Just a good mood. "

06-08-2008 09:56:39 [ demar ]" ... ive taken dren for about a week an a half and at frist i thought it was garbage no energy but i have to agree once i got on the thredmill wow iam a beast i could run forever "

06-08-2008 12:09:31 [ C.D.S. ]" ... I have used Tetrazeme Extreme, Arson, Xenadrine EFX Extra Strength, Xenadrine Super Hardcore and Hydroxycut Hardcore in the past to name a few. I used all of these products as directed by the labels. They all worked pretty well in their own right, but nothing gave me a type of everything in one that i was looking for. I first read about DREN in Muscle & Fitness and thought to myself... There is no way one pill a day can do all that it claims when i've been used to taking 4-8 pills a day. I WAS WRONG! DREN to me is by far the most potent and effective product of its kind on the market to date. It really does give me that great i really don't care feeling, huge bursts of energy (especially when working out) without the jitters and it just kills my appetite. No other pill that i've taken has been able to be an all-in-one solution except DREN. I highly recommend this product!!! Hope whoever is reading this gets the same if not better results! "

06-08-2008 13:02:08 [ Knuckles ]" ... Ok, as of last night in the gym. I have to say there is somthing to this stuff. I usualy do an 8X8 routine. 8 stations times 8 reps at each station.Last night I had the energy to do an Extra set at each station. Not to mention after only one day Im actually starting to feel a change in my body. On a side note. I didnt get to the gym till 9 hours had past since taking the Dren. Tonight i have a 12 hour shift at work. Im going to take my Dren before i leave the house. You guys may also think about throwing a bottle of Chromium Picolonate into the mix with your dren. If you look at what dren does and then look at what chromium does the two synergize together. That means they help each other out. Its what im doing. I also Take L-Taurine before my workouts and AND Creatine Monohydrate AFTER my workouts. My Body is Very happy. And my muscles are actually feeling different today. Not to mention they look different. Try it out and you will see what i mean. "

06-08-2008 15:23:03 [ mindy ]" ... im staggering dren every other day to keep possible dependency effects minimal. i normally start with a thermo in the mornings and a shot of nitro an hour before workouts. Well this was a bad idea w/ dren. I got jitters and more or less lost all feeling of control in my muscles. BUT that's not a bad thing because I could totally lift like crazy (im a powerlifter) and felt no fatigue what so ever. Only bad thing was that I was still awake by 4 am and couldnt sleep until 8 am the next morning (wasnt really tired btw but just thought that i shold sleep once every 32 hours). The reason I had those effects I think is cuz the nitro dialates blood vessels and increases blood flow; thus increasing the effects of dren. I must say that this is the only similar product i've take that has had ANY effect on me. Hydroxy didnt do much; ECA stacks believe it or not didnt do anything for me at all. This leads me to believe that there are other internal endocrine suitabilities in terms of what sups are more effective for which people. some are simply more sensitive to the dren approach while others are not.

Also of note for people who dont feel anything, in my time with dren i've noticed that it is "activity activated"; that is to say when i take it, I just feel a bit "lighter" and someitmes jittery but with no energy gains or thermogenic effects; but if i were to just do like 10 pushups, i immediately notice myself being pumped full of stamina and get really REALLY hot inspite of very light exertion. However if I stop moving, the effects last for a little while longer (30 minutes or so after the 10 pushups) then it returns to the waiting mode again until I exercise some more and i get the kick again.

In short - dren rox for me and to get any effects from it you have to be exerting yourself to jump start the mechanism since the dren seems to me like an effect amplifier. "

06-08-2008 16:39:46 [ Jake ]" ... Bought 2 Boxes, Starting Monday With My Diet!!! What's the best time to take this? Right when you wake up? Before I Work Out? 2 Hours before i workout? HELP PLEASE!! "

06-10-2008 15:51:21 [ sandra ]" ... I am 5'41/2" 136 lbs I took it with 1 cup of soy milk with water and 1 tbs of protein whey first thing in the morning did 30 min of cardio on tread climber felt energised felt some cramping and some nausea but only temporary and went to bathroom 6x's. Around 5-530pm felt a little calmer not to jumpy or jittery. I felt very heavy in my stomache but tolerable for me. I guess once in your system feelings get better. But you do feel it working all day. I have not felt this since Hydoxycut with ephedra good stuff can't wait to see results and I am sticking to it and to my work out. I will keep you posted with info as I complete my cycle #1. "

06-11-2008 00:26:58 [ Ed-Greyfox ]" ... Is it ok if i combine it with any other supps,if yes what could it be i mean would it be NOS,Creatine the MONO or the normal or any special protein "

06-11-2008 03:09:05 [ Knuckles ]" ... Hey Jake,If you look up youl see i got a couple posts up there. I been taking Dren for 5 days now. And i have noticed. If you take it when you wake up, or within a couple hours of waking up. It works all day. Like Mindy above said. I think the stuff sits in your body WAITING to be activitaed by exertion. Its like a sleeping monster in your cells. So try taking it when you get up or soon after. That being said, I mentioned before. This is my 5th day on the stuff. Its just awesome. I dont get the euphoric feeling. But i do get a sense of well being. And in the gym, Man this stuff just blows any other sup i have tried out of the water. Especially combined with Chromium Picolonate. For instance. I usualy do three sets of curls and Tricep cable pulldowns at 150 lbs for 8-10 reps. Tonight, I did that and more. I ended up doing sets of three reps with 230 lbs on the cable machine. I was in shock. The trippiest thing was I STILL WASNT TIRED! After like 8 sets i could have kept on going. Not to mention the pump its giving me in my muscles. in 5 days my arms have gone from 19" back up to 21". Im expecting that within the month. they will be up to 23 or 24".I have lost approxamitly 1" of fat in my upper ab's. I dont sweat NEARLY as much as i used to. I was shocked as hell when i steped on the scale and noticed i went from 329 to 332 and i KNOW damn well it isnt fat. Cuz my clothes are getting loser. And after some research i found out that for EVER pound of muscle you put on you gain the ability to burn 101 Calories per day from it just being there. Which just Multiplies Drens ability to help you lose FAT weight.Well i guess thats enough for tonight all. Ill try and keep you all updated as i progress. Depending how my arms feel after tonight (BIG laugh out loud) I may hit the gym tomorrow and have more info on the cumulative effects of the Dren on my system.PEACE OUT.Knucks "

06-11-2008 16:05:16 [ Knuckles ]" ... I have found that Chromium Picolinate, 200mcg/100 Capsulesis boosting the effects of the dren. You may want to get the larger dose pills though. It bugs me taking Six of them at a time. I also use L-Taurine pre workout. And Creatine Monohydrate Post workout. "

06-11-2008 16:25:45 [ sandra ]" ... Hi it's been day #2 and I had a cup of cereal and my serving of Dren with 1 cup soy milk first thing this morning I waited a few minutes and did 30 min cardio and felt great super energy and I also did full body weight lifting cycle and did not feel tired I sweat alot mayby cause I live in Florida and I have a home gym in the garage and its hot like a MOFO in here but sill felt good. Not so heavy in the stomach like yesterday still tolerable for me no nausea but still feels a little stong in the stomach. I am feeling less hungry and not jittery.Will keep waiting to get shredded and ripped in all the right places and to get my late twenties hard body back. Can't wait. Keep you posted. to all using Dren with great results keep focused and good Luck. "

06-12-2008 12:24:52 [ Jerry ]" ... Took my first pill about 20 minutes ago after eating 2 eggs and some oat meal... didn't even want to take the chance on the whole empty stomach thing... Currently 215lbs at 5ft 7in... not all fat but not all muscle either... good input from all the other posters here thanks "

06-12-2008 13:34:22 [ Ed - Greyfox ]" ... Ok so this is my second day on DREN and just yesterday i did my Chest W.O and felt tired and sore yesterday but today morning i felt salad fresh mmmi sis felt somewhat better yesterday didnt sweat as much as other comments here and i did drank ennough water,finished chest whent and did some cardio about 15 mins then go hit the ABSand everything is fine,gonna keep tellin ya whats going on "

06-12-2008 20:34:34 [ Patrick ]" ... I am looking for a decent fat burner that won't put me over the edge. I have been looking at posts for Dren and Arson, and they both seem pretty good. I have a pretty good workout regimen, diet is not bad could be cleaned up but as I seen before there is no magic pill but out of dren of arson which of those would work the best and help shed 20-25lbs.. "

06-13-2008 03:23:02 [ Good ]" ... It worked for me! Well actually i had to find out when to take! You must MUST take it on a empty stomach to get the full effect and i know that not such a good idea but it works great I get this High energy boost for 5 hours and im not lazy and i actually want to work out also get really hot! been taken it for a month and a half not every day and have to say lost 6 to 7 kg i know and without working out this next month im gonna start working out and take it and see what happens! 1 kinda bad side effect i get a few times when i go to stand up i get kinda dizzy for a second! hope this helps! ANd and yea also it wont work on everyone my friend takes it with coffee and still he still doesnt fell a thing! "

06-14-2008 06:11:09 [ Laarni ]" ... Well, I guess just to update my post from the end of May, I do like this product so far. I haven't weighed myself or measured myself again since before I started taking it (I'll do so after the box is done) so I can't be too specific here. I noticed that I do have eat something within the first 30 min of taking Dren otherwise it upsets my stomaach a little bit but I do feel the effects more when completely empty. Lol to catch 22. Other than that I have had no side effects and I love that I only have to take it once a day. I haven't felt this euphoric effect, and am not sure I even will. One thing I will say about it as well is even with my moderate cardio I definitely sweat a whole lot more and much sooner than when I was on anything else. Also I've noticed that my sweat doesn't have a weird smell to it like it did when I was on Hydroxycut Hardcore (HH is still a good product too though). Last point, I'm still continuing to take about 3g of pure CLA with this product like anyother thermogenic. Overall, I love this product so far. ^_^ "

06-15-2008 14:38:01 [ Honey ]" ... This stuff is awesome! I was a little skeptical because it was much cheaper than Hydroxycut Hardcore pricewise so I thought it might not work as well. Boy, was I wrong. I'm a female and I only do the 1 pill a day (which is 1st thing in the morning so I dont forget). By the 2nd day I had already lost 2lbs! By the 3rd day I had lost another 3lbs! And get this folks, I have not worked out at all! My job requires a lot of physical labor and walking and I guess that was all DREN needed to "activate"! I also notice (like most of you) I have damn near NO appetite! I smell food and it smells delicious but my mouth is not watering with anticipation like it used to pre-DREN. I am actually able to say "No thanks"! I dont have a euphoric feeling like DREN claims BUT I dont have any sad feelings during the day. And I dont feel energized, but I never get tired! I've been able to go all day with out my usual mid-day nap, which is great except I'm up too late because I dont get tired enough to want to go to sleep! Oh well, I haven't checked my weight today but I'm sure that I'll be happy with what I see. Best part of DREN to me was only having to take it once a day! Great product! "

06-17-2008 11:28:06 [ NICKOPATRA ]" ... Just bought this stuff yesterday and was a bit afraid to take it this morning actually even though I used to be really into ECA stacks and various other stuff!

I'm female - 5" 4-1/2" and approx 125lbs so I'm a bit small and thought the 1 pill might be too much so, to be safe, I opened up the capsule and poured half out then put it back together and took the remainder.

Well, I'm glad I did that because so-far it's pretty intense! I think I'll have to work-up to the full capsule - I have lots of energy and can almost feel it coursing through my veins! It's pretty cool! I'm sitting at work right now but after reading all of these posts I can't WAIT to go work-out! Really looking forward to the results - I need abs for bikini season. "

06-17-2008 13:51:23 [ ]" ... So today was my first day of taking this supplement... AMAZING is all I can say, I have taken hydroxycut hardcore for about two years on and off as recommended, I lost about 40lbs on it but it has gotten to the point where it is useless for me. So I began a search for something new, and here it is, DREN first day results are amazing, lots of energy, more stamina and strength, with this boost anything is possible... Im not one to rant and rave about a supplement but this one is deff worth the trial.. I will keep you guys up to date on how things are going.... ******** "

06-17-2008 21:16:51 [ Ivan ]" ... I'm taking two pills of dren 1 in the morning right after breakfast and 1 in the afternoon followed by No shotgun v3 which it has redline and meltdown now wow wow it's a powerful combination.I was taking Venom hyperdrive before which I think is stronger than dren. "

06-18-2008 13:57:55 [ Shelly ]" ... friend said she lost about 3 inches off her waist with this stuff. I am looking to loose about 15lbs. I am 5'5 at 134lbs. The only thing is, I NEVER take antibiotics, pain killers, I am just scared that I will become immune or dependent on substances. Once I am done with my eight weeks, will I gain the weight back or experience low energy? I work out and eat right I was just wanting something that will help with work outs and hunger. I see mostly posts by guys, any ladies here that have advise? "

06-19-2008 00:50:15 [ Jeremiah ]" ... I've been taking Dren for 2 days now, and have cut 7 lbs. of fat just by eating alot less and drinking less soda. As for the euphoria feeling- that's completely true and lasts for about 6 hours. It makes me feel happy but even more so with the incredible weightloss and stamina. Hydroxycut and Teagreen and numerous other ones didn't work, but this stuff is well worth it. this stuff is AMAZING. "

06-19-2008 13:01:08 [ Shelly ]" ... So I bought it, I am now up to $110 dollars a month trying to loose weight, gym membership, whey shakes and now dren. I have to say it's worth was the best workout I have had in a long time. I was able to go twice as long, twice the resistance and still have energy..I actually jogged to my car two block down after doing 1 1/2 hours at the gym. Ate a bowl of cereal this morning, still wasn't hungry after working out. I forced a whey protein shake down to maintain enough calorie intake. Only side effects are heart palpation and shaky hands...I think my body will get used to it though. I also feel a little bloated from drinking so much water and my shake. I will keep you posted on weight loss and also if the effect of the dren maintains through the two months or if my body becomes immune. "

06-20-2008 08:44:20 [ Mimi ]" ... I have been on the product for 5 days now and I have not lost any weight yet. I have not taken my measurements though.....I am 5'4" and would like to lose about 15 lbs before August 13th. I have lost about 40 on my own but the weight is just not coming off. I have not noticed a deminised appetite. I am afraid to take 2....any suggestions? "

06-22-2008 14:23:26 [ Ed-Greyfox ]" ... Ok now this is my 10th day on dren and let me tell you ive been sweating as if i had no other day to do so,Ok my WO.O have been all fine the most dificult one and everyone would agree is the leg W.O,it has been so amazing since using dren i can see the change on my pumps and my energy is making me move ive gotten a little more ripped not a lot ,the diet is good most chicken and rice no condiments,Great tip for after the W.O is to take a cold bottle of water then take a Celery with Orange juice more celery thatn orange and it will help you take out the majority of the water you've taken during the dayso far ive been steady on my weight not up or donw wich i must attribute to the dietim 6'1 and 160 lbs im kinnda heavy for my size or is it normal?well so far dren is good you can try and mix it up with some power drinks i have and had no shaky feelings or weird things happening everythings ok keep ya poested guys "

06-22-2008 14:57:12 [ Shawnee ]" ... Boyfriend was on Dren for about 18 days...said he didn't feel well, rapid heart beat, nausea, but stayed with it. Day 18 he had a few beers at a cook out and later that night had a an episode where he was extremely angry, lost his temper, cursed, acted strange. Says he doesn't remember and went to the Dr to have blood work. He thinks it was the Dren....Has anyone else had any similar side effects...I need to know "

06-22-2008 21:28:28 [ hope ]" ... reading all the reviews above has convinced me to try this product...I will be buying and starting it tomorrow.... I will keep posting weekly my results... "

06-23-2008 12:23:27 [ MiamiGirl ]" ... After reading these reviews I am totally convinced and will try this product today. After the ephedra ban I lost hope with fat burners. I will be posting my experience. Im 5'5 160lbs and will post in 3wks any changes. "

06-24-2008 09:04:18 [ AGOFCR ]" ... Today is my 12th day on Dren. I have felt not euphoria, I have had absolutely no increase of enegy, and have lost no weight. As a matter of fact, the only loss I've had was the cash I spend to buy it. This is just another gimmicky product that does not work. By the way, yes I changed my eating habits and, yes I do workout everyday. "

06-24-2008 10:34:58 [ Jeremiah ]" ... Shawnee- No, I personally haven't had any side-effects like that, but you're not supposed to drink much while on dren, or any supplement like dren. That probably had alot to do with it. But, it's day 6 for me, and I've lost about 11 lbs. I find it very usefull to take one in the morning on an empty stomach, cut down any extra caffiene intake and boost the cardio up (even if it's just a little bit). I feel great and it seems to be just as potent as the first use. I'll keep informed. I'm trying to cut 28lbs. total, so just 17 more to go. Oh yeah, Mimi, taking two will have no extra effect. Just try taking on an empty stomach and cut down a little on food and drink intake (besides water) whenever you can. "

06-24-2008 13:45:15 [ Lois ]" ... I am so nervous to take this DREN I am on Wellbutrin for depression any suggestions. let me know and how it works for anyone on an antidepressant "

06-25-2008 10:37:06 [ James ]" ... Hi I've been using Dren for 5 days now mainly due to the reviews here. Thankyou to everyone that posted. I've struggled with my weight most of my life and have tried several products with limited results. I've already been working out and eating fairly healthy but not losing weight. The first thing I noticed was the extra energy though not jittery or anything like that. I also am experiencing the feel good effect as well although I don't think I would call it euphoric but defitely a happy feeling. My appetite has pretty much staid the same. I am happy to announce as of today a loss of 3 lbs. I'm 5/8 222 lbs as of today with a goal of by my birthday August 20th. I do have a question though. I know you're only supposed to take it 8 weeks consecutively. Can you cycle this product by taking a week or 2 off then starting again? Any response would be greatly appreciated. Will check back in a week or 2 and keep all posted on results. "

06-25-2008 10:43:20 [ James ]" ... ....By the way made the mistake having a cup of tea the other day and holy smoke I felt like I could run a hundred miles. Not exactly jittery but energy through the roof. Not cool when working at a desk. "

06-26-2008 01:17:13 [ Jerry ]" ... Been 2 weeks since I've started on Dren. Lost 11 pounds so far with moderate workouts, still not in the habit of going daily. Only negative side effect I've had, is I forget to eat. Not a good idea ( to say the least)... make sure you are eating (who'd have thought) even if you don't feel hungry, a granola bar or something... so far been working quite well will post again in a week "

06-28-2008 22:57:19 [ angel ]" ... I started Dren today, was SO sick after taking the first pill... The mistake I made was drinking massive green tea just before I took the pill... ended up nauseated the rest of the day, & couldn't even hold down water.... caffeine is a big no no while taking Dren.... Ill try again tomorrow withhout the caffene. "

07-01-2008 05:26:20 [ Mimi ]" ... Thanks Jeremy!!! I am starting to lean out. My friends are asking if I'm losing weight. I am excercising 5 days a week and starting to take protein supplements. The food cravings have diminished. I am looking forward to the next 15 days. "

07-03-2008 10:40:45 [ kristen ]" ... i have been taking dren for 3 days now. i have not felt the energy boost or the euphoria, but i have felt the rise in body temp. only downside is the nausea. has anyone else had that problem? "

07-03-2008 10:59:41 [ Jame ]" ... Day 13 now and the bad news no more wheight loss good news no gain. Just came week vacation which would usually mean about 5lbs gained. Was able to exercise a little pushups, situps no cardio though ate a lot. So I'm not compl "

07-03-2008 11:03:58 [ James ]" ... not complaining. Back to eating good and exercising six days a week. Will keep posted on results. Energy still great. Forgot to put goal of 180lbs by birthday 8/20/08. "

07-04-2008 06:47:18 [ Lily ]" ... I've been on dren now for 4 days and had no results as of weight loss. I dont drink any coffee with this as I was a big coffee drinker. I can say though with not drinking any coffee I have not had any headaches. so Dren is taking over the caffeine effect. With energy - I gives me energy only in the morning but come the afternoon I can take a nap. Can someone tell me if I should keep taking this - Is this going to work for me? Should I give it more time? "

07-04-2008 06:52:59 [ lily ]" ... kristen,make sure you eat breakfast when you take dren. I felt better after I had something in my system. Im still hungry on dren. "

07-07-2008 02:10:39 [ MO ]" ... I just ordered my first set of Dren...It sounds like it is gonna do ggod for me. My only concern is if it will cause a problem with the stack I am already on, I'm on a T-bomb 2 and Sarm-x stack and working out 5-6 days a week(I'm in Afghanistan..not much else to do!) Does anyone have any idea on the mixing? Thanks. "

07-07-2008 19:41:03 [ Knuckles ]" ... Ok guys. I been using Dren now for 26 Days. THIS STUFF WORKS. Especially if used with a good workout and cardio regimin. Since i started taking dren in the begining of June, and it being July 7th. I have lost 20+ lbs of fat. I have gone from 40% Body fat to 32.4% body fat in under a month. from 332 lbs to 312 lbs. So when I say dren works. I mean it. "

07-08-2008 19:01:04 [ Switch ]" ... I'm on day 2 and I had a great workout today with no crash. I get nausea a little, but I expect it, and consider it normal when taking anything this powerful. I can't take this after 3p.m. if I want to be asleep by 11p.m. This gives me the energy I need after work to hit the gym, and makes working out feel great. This doesn't give me a "crash", its a nice come down. Alot of focus, feel good, and energy. Side effects are normal for stimulants. Always remember to use common sense. "

07-09-2008 00:27:14 [ nichole ]" ... started taking dren because i plateaued on my workouts. gave me enough energy to start trying HIIT training and now the weight is melting off! oh and i take it on an empty stomach BUT with my CLA supplements. keeps the nausea at bay. "

07-09-2008 07:30:51 [ crystal ]" ... Its my 1st day taking DREN. I took it about 30mins ago and I already feel asif I have alot of energy! =) yippe! I am 24 and a female, does anyone know if its ok for women to take? thanks yall! =) "

07-09-2008 12:03:25 [ Ran ]" ... I've read all the reviews here and am excited to try Dren. Before I get my hopes up though...does anyone know if its available in Canada? lol "

07-09-2008 13:29:37 [ Dave ]" ... As a weight loss supplement I have lost any weight in 3 weeks of taking it. I went to 99% fluid intake of water. No more coffee with sugar. I do 30 minute walks every other day plus work out on weights. I am 60 lbs overweight 240lbs and should be around 180 for my height of 6'0. Before taking Dren I was a HEAVY COFFEE drinker it seems to cure me wanting coffee as I haven't had any for 3 weeks. Plus I use to never drink water. So I have made a major life change just waiting for the extra weight to come off. I will give Dren another week if no results I am going to try another supplement.


07-10-2008 10:03:34 [ Steven ]" ... HeyThis is only my second day on DREN , im only having 1 a day like it says , iv'e tried things such as Nutrex Lipo 6 before which i had fairly good success with , but DREN blows it out the water , my routine with DREN is 1 bowl of cereal in the morning , 1 DREN tablet 30045 mins before my cardio , then il have a salad or something after that...and more cereal later on , ive noticed a little weight reduction even just after a day , i know people said theyve lost weight quickly but i havent lost anything major hoping to get a more defined 6 pac so lets hope for the best "

07-12-2008 15:33:53 [ ED ]" ... This is my first day on DREN. I just came off a bottle of HOT-RoX EXTREME which I've used in the summer for five years that works very well. I hesitated on taking DREN until I read enough reviews that seemed convincing. I'm 30 yrs. old, 5' 8", currently 196 at 12% bodyfat, and competed in the NPC level for most all of my twenties. I've tried every type of bulk and cutting agent legal and otherwise throughout my training career. My target goal is to get to 190 at 8 to 9% or better by Sept. for a Hawaiian vacation I have Scheduled (gotta look shredded in the pics right). That being said I have purchased 2 boxes of DREN that I will run through Sept. 14th. Due to the reviews I read most people suggested taking it with food. I trained this morning, had my shake, and while eating my eggs and oatmeal took the first DREN cap(45 min. after shake). I think this helped tone the effects down, but I still feel it for sure. I have an office job and feel the energy and warmth I've felt before with cutting products of this nature. I'm not a caffine junkie and try to rely on the least amount of stimulants possible to keep my receptors cleaner. I don't drink coffee, espacially in the summer, to damn hot, so whatever "extra" energy I'm getting has to be from the DREN. I think some of these people who say they have to take more that 1 or can't feel anything have drowned their recptors with an overdose of caffine. DREN feels like a mild version of clenbutoral for those who know what thats like. My plan is to take DREN in the morning with food for the next 2 days then try it on an empty stomach once I feel my body has adapted to the new chemical compound.***I will keep posting to this forum with my experiences with DREN refering back to the priorly posted date for those that want to tag along. "

07-12-2008 15:44:31 [ george ]" ... Just got it in today, hopefully it will work! I just want to lose some body fat, i lift at least three days a week and do cardio in between so... Im actually on one of the same things as MO, i am also going to take t-bomb 2 with it, a friend recommended i take it. As long as it isn't an mao inhibitor or any type of caffeine it is fine. like it says on the box most stimulants should be avoided. good luck everyone! "

07-12-2008 23:55:28 [ ]" ... O.K. so here is the deal.. almost through my first few weeks, AMAZING results, lost 15lbs, I have always been athletic but this gave me an edge on my workouts. Im way more focused and determined to be the best that I can. I take a DREN a day and stack it with Lipo 6 X between the two the results are amazing... Recommend to anyone "

07-14-2008 08:12:28 [ rich ]" ... First day taking it i will report back in a week how it works i am also using the mass stack from bsn with it so i will report back in a week to tell you how it works "

07-14-2008 16:18:55 [ ED ]" ... -following 7/12 postThird day on DREN. I took it this morning on an empty stomach and did not have any crazy effects some people stated. I have a spinning bike at home that I use for cardio on non-lifting days. I took 1 cap of DREN w/ 2 cups of water and did my 50 minutes of spinning. I felt very energized and didn't really want to stop but I had to go to the office. I haven't had a reduction in food craving, if anything I feel that my appetite has increased a little. I do have an underlying energy all day and it seems as though DREN has a diuretic effect as well. Summing it up, DREN taken on an empty stomach worked fine for me and enhanced my morning cardio more than caffine. Tomorrow I will take it before my morning workout on an empty stomach and post my experience to this forum. "

07-14-2008 17:09:30 [ Crystal S ]" ... Yeah! It is here! I ordered DREN through on Friday night and it showed up on Monday afternoon! I am going to start tomorrow morning. I will document my progress on here, simply because I have been inspired by the postings that I have read! I started training six weeks ago at 5'5", 179lbs. Today, I weight 169.6. The loss has been slow, but my clothes size is down to an 8. Here goes nothing! My only question is whether I should start with a half dose for the first few days...any ideas? Thanks! "

07-14-2008 22:49:01 [ usajiji ]" ... reviewtaken everything in the past... recently 1 mo of each of the following; lipo6, atrophex, and the real eca &y stack... all good but thought this would b a joke after 60mgs of standardized ephedra alkaloids daily. VERY SUPRISED!!! really is the best thing since clen. the harder i work out the harder it comes on. very impressed. stacked with Chromium Picolinate, cla, and creatine it really is powerful as a fat burner too, dropped 8% in a month! i read reviews about it here first so thought i owed everyone my own. i feel like a lotto winner after reading the reviews because my experience has been one of euphoria and strong clean all day energy. guess it just depends on your body chemistry. just remember a clean diet is still 80% of what will help u reach your goals. worth trying just to see if ur one of the lucky ones! "

07-15-2008 20:46:04 [ shazam ]" ... is it safe to stack lipo6x with dren? cause ive taken lipo6x with good results but im goin to try dren out. but is it bad to stack both products like that? you've had no bad side effects stacking? "

07-15-2008 21:18:12 [ Crystal S ]" ... Today was day 1. I was worried about the initial effects, so I opened the capsule and dumped out half. I took it while eating oatmeal to reduce side effects. I felt a little buzzed during the first half of the day and I could feel the heat/sweating effect. It wasn't bad and not too strong. Tomorrow I am going to use the full capsule. I definitely lifted more weight today than normal, but that could have just been me pushing myself. I will update you tomorrow!


07-16-2008 03:58:15 [ MO ]" ... So, today is my first day with DREN. I must say that at first I didn't think it was gonna do anything for me. I took it at around 0700 and it took until 1000 when I felt the 'kick'! I was wired, until about 1400. All of a sudden, I feel fine. I am hoping that it will kick in when I get to the gym tonight. I'm not sure I feel the thermo. feeling some had described...could be because I work outside, in Afghanistan(100+) Who knows!!!"

07-16-2008 13:13:11 [ Chris ]" ... First Day of it! I took on an empty stomach and didn't feel that nausea or sick feeling that people were saying (i have taken fat burners before). Took about 2 hours to really kick in and im feelin my heart pumpin as we speak. I feel like i need to workout to release this energy. Ill keep u updated. "

07-18-2008 09:49:53 [ Chris ]" ... ok. update, im used to taking fat burners. Lemme tell you that this stuff is potent and strong! I feel Dren all day its weird but i like it. Already lost 2lbs. I also relate to some of the above reviews about going to the bathroom more. "

07-19-2008 00:53:23 [ Crystal S ]" ... Quick update. Lost 2 pounds on day 1, another pound and a half on day 2! Day 3, no change, but that could be a girl thing...I have felt a little nauseated when on DREN, but I am dealing with it. At times, food sounds terrible, but I eat anyway. Water is ALWAYS being craved. I really think I am losing fat and not just water, but who knows! I love that I go to bed feeling excited about weighing myself in the morning! "

07-20-2008 10:07:12 [ Crystal S ]" ... So far, pretty good. I have to disagree with the bathroom comments...after day one, I think it has stopped all bathroom activity! Who knows! I have had a sour stomach for a few days so I skipped yesterday's dose. Today I dumped out half the tablet. I am not ready to give up yet! "

07-21-2008 03:15:02 [ Terrell ]" ... This is my first day taking DREN I am in iraq and trying to loose weight for my upcoming P.T. test so I am here to record my progress. Well i got it in the mail and took as soon as I recieved it and it has been about an hour since and I just want to work out NOW but I notice that when I am outside or up and about doing stuff I feel energetic but when I take a seat I go back to normal but i am alot more focus and aware of things around me. so when I work out I will let you guys and gals how it went "

07-22-2008 11:18:43 [ Brittney ]" ... I have a question for anyone who's taking this. I work out first thing in the morning (5am). I've read a lot of people say to take it before working out to have a great workout... should I really be taking this before I have eaten or had anything to drink? If I took it that early, would it even work for my workout since it will be only 15 minutes before I start working out? I'm feeling pretty good taking it today, I took it after working out. "

07-22-2008 12:10:05 [ Johnathan A. ]" ... I've been on DREN for about 5 days and I can honestly say I see a difference in my apperance. I'm also doing the diet and exercise routine but the major factor is the pill. About an hour after I take, I feel the rush. Will update once a week or so. "

07-23-2008 02:59:39 [ MO ]" ... I am starting to get a little upset at the results...or lack there of! My first couple of days I felt it working, but now I am on day 8 and I don't get the rush anymore, all I get is a little heartburn. Weightloss has now plateued around 175#. I guess it is still having effects but I just am not noticing any. I see that alot of people have posted where they get their supply, I have to recommend, dren is a couple bucks cheaper there and shipping is a flat 4.99 nomatter how much you order! I usually order the largest can of nitro-tech(4.5#) and cell-tech(6.7#) along with the DREN. Can't beat the prices!!!! Good luck to everyone!! "

07-24-2008 09:45:16 [ Kelvin ]" ... I was on Dren for almost a month. I saw better than expected results, however there were some side affects. I took a blood and urine test and had extremly high liver readings, almost double what they should have been and blood in my urine. I ended up going to two specialists and four weeks of tests. I had to undergo a cystoscopy, if you don't know what this is, look it up! I wouldn't wish this procedure on anyone. I recently got my confirmation from a liver specialist that Dren is bad news! Please be careful!!! "

07-24-2008 14:30:00 [ Crystal S ]" ... I'm back...I have taken DREN for about 10 days now and I must say that I am with MO. I am still feeling a little buzy in my head at first, but that is it. I am taking the full capsule (I worked up to that dose) but I am not dropping any weight and really don't feel any different. I am a bit frustrated. I am still going to the gym 4-5 days a week and working out with weights AND cardio, but I really don't think DREN is helping. Now that I have read Kelvin's warning, I am wondering if I should continue for a week more to see what happens or not! I'll let you know! "

07-27-2008 07:16:39 [ prinse ]" ... i am taking dren for ten days now , and it works very good .i lost 3 kg and i feel good. the only think i dont anderstant is the muscle spasm i get all the time!!!! can any one help resolve this think??? "

07-27-2008 16:51:15 [ Chris ]" ... Guys, Crystal, Mo, i feel ya. I do not feel anything anymore from this. Fist 5 days i did but thats it. After i take it..seriously 30min later i have to poop.. so it helps clean you out. Now im on no2 black and ce2 hi def and still taking dren. almost done with first packet. Lost total 5-6lbs down to 168. "

07-28-2008 12:59:43 [ Brittney ]" ... I have been on DREN a week now and I'm seeing very good results. I have lost just short of 5 lbs in 7 days. I would imagine for men it wouldn't work as well maybe because you are so much bigger. Does anyone take 2 because of their size? 1 for me is working well and I am not getting gittery at all. anyway... I'm very happy with it. "

07-29-2008 07:24:29 [ Teri ]" ... I'm seeing great results. I have lost 10lbs in 12 days. I am a female and was able to start with a full dose, but I am used to a lot of caffine! Loving Dren so far! "

07-29-2008 10:49:09 [ BrendanMax ]" ... I just took my DREN pill about 15 minutes ago. Believe it or not, I am already feeling results. I have been sleepy all day (I only got about 5 hours of sleep last night) but now I feel ready to go. Hopefully this stuff will show further results, I'll keep you updated. I currently weigh 185, and am looking to drop about 15lbs in the next month. I'll let you know how it goes. "

07-29-2008 13:04:22 [ ike ]" ... I have taken dren for about 5 days I usually take it after a workout but i feel good all day and sleep good at night. Today is the fifth day and I felt and little jittery! "

07-29-2008 16:03:20 [ Knuckles ]" ... Ok all. This is Knuckles again, This should be my 4th or 5th post. I dont remember. Either way. I took a two week break from the Dren and just baught my second box. Total weight lost to date since June tenth is about 32 lbs. And its NOT all from the Dren. But the Dren DEFANITLY does what it claims to do. A healthy diet. Cardio AND strength training. And i have lost about 4 inches off my waiste. Lets see if i get the same results with box two after a 2 week break from it. "


07-30-2008 08:21:29 [ BrendanMax ]" ... JAMES-My guess is that your not exactly looking to lose weight. If you are, DREN is great if your looking to cut fat, and It also gives you a noticeable increase in energy. If your looking for a good stack I am on one right now, and it works great. It consists of MHP DREN, Scivation Showtime, and MAN Vaporize. I am 19 years old looking to highly reduce my bodyfat %, and I have lost 5 lbs in four days on this stack, with a healthy diet and routine cardio / weightlifting. "

07-30-2008 12:35:36 [ erin ]" ... first day of taking dren. took it roughly 30 mins ago and waiting...not that i expect the sky to fall or anything, my heart rate does feel a little elevated, i'm more anxious to see what happens when i hit the gym this afternoon...will update as i have more to report. "

07-31-2008 12:16:08 [ Chris92763 ]" ... I started taking DREN after breakfast everyday for the past 12 or so days, and I must say its great!

-I exercise every 2 to 3 days and and lost 10 lbs already!-It has cut my appetite, especially in the first 6 hours of taking it.-Really, don't ingest additional caffine unless you are used to large amounts daily, it WILL give you the jitters (helped me kick the pepsi habit)-Please, Eat before you take it! I took it on an empty stomach one day and couldnt help but throwing up.

It does do something! and I like it! "

08-01-2008 08:33:49 [ Doni ]" ... 2day was my 1st day taking Dren, I was worried at first but when I went to the gym I wanted to eat the weights I was so pumped with energy, I also did to extra sets then i'd actually be able to so, I then went on to do cardio for 20mins with a constant heart rate of 130, I ha to stop because of work otherwise I could ofen on forever (comming from a smoker here!). On the way to work I'd have so much energy I run up stairs at tube stations, and now at work in bored because I have to pace myself because I'm smashing my targets, this thing is GREAT! "

08-01-2008 09:36:02 [ ryan ]" ... I have been taking this for three days, and havnt seen the results i have heard about!! I tried taking it with food and with out, and still nothing..Is there s certain amount of time before this stuff acually kicks in?? "

08-02-2008 08:03:19 [ Eyal ]" ... What a disappointment...Been taking DREN for 3 weeks now.. almost finished the pack, and.. NOTHING!!!I mean NOTHING! - regular training, nothing "extra", no weight loss (or gain), no "more defenition" of muscles, defenatly no "euphoric" state of mind (not even a little)...I must say - this was a waste of money, even the "money back" policy isn't good for me because I ordered it from abroad.Sorry - but that's my opinion... "

08-02-2008 09:12:30 [ Mia ]" ... ...This is my 1st week on Dren, taking 1 capsule a day in the AM prior to cardio work out-I must say I feel like I can run forever. In reality its all mentally-Meaning you get the results you want if you can imagine them-Dren has really given me the energy and the results to continue my way to healthy weight loss-I have lost about 7 pounds in 7 days-I am taking CLA with my meals as well and that helps break down any fat. Great Stuff! "

08-02-2008 10:23:36 [ fury ]" ... day 3,lost 2 lbs so far. expect to lose more during the upcoming far so good but am not having high expectations.-elevated heart rate-great workouts-actually seeing my veins popping out.


08-02-2008 16:56:27 [ joey ]" ... i took dren and for the first week i lost 7 pounds...i was amazed from the long as you eat well keep active and take this product you will see amazing results. dren is one of the most incredible supplements i've used. and i've been through a handfull of them. you will drop pounds. "

08-05-2008 22:06:43 [ Crystal S ]" ... Well, I finally stopped. I took DREN for 2 1/2 weeks with a clean diet, cardio, and weightlifting, and did not see any results. What I did see, after about a week, was that I felt sick every day that I took it, I was having lower back pain (kidneys?), and the heat was too much. I recently hired a trainer to help me get ready for a show and she told me that DREN was basically a steroid...a legal one. She put me on VENOM for now, we'll see! As soon as I stopped DREN, all of my bad side effects went away. I stayed off for about 10 days and started VENOM today. So far, I feel great and I like the appetite suppression. Sorry guys and girls, in my opinion, DREN was a waist of money. I keep finding more and more info online warning people about the possible side effects and long term problems with DREN. Good luck to all of you...but please be careful! "

08-06-2008 15:02:24 [ patton06 ]" ... So i'm on day 3 of taking DREN and so far so good. The first day I felt a little weird. My heart was beating fast and I felt a little light headed. This probably could have been prevented if I have food before or after taking it. However, I have felt more energy at the gym! "

08-07-2008 22:45:37 [ JourneyJohari ]" ... I saw all the hype in the mags. Warnings about is being too strong for some women... Please. I didn't feel anything. BUT WOW the results are certainly coming. Though I didn't feel any different, I noticed how I was working harder with less effort. Adding DREN got me off my plateau even though I didn't think it was working. It was the only thing I changed so it must have played a part in that. I'm glad I spent the money to find out and I'll probably keep taking it off an on until the feds take it away too. It's already on the DEA watchlist (I believe) so that right there tells you it's not just hype. "

08-11-2008 12:49:55 [ Daryle ]" ... I have been taking Dren for 6 weeks now and am stopping today. I have had some tingling in my left hand and arm and a feel of lower blood pressure. This may be one of the side effects. Anyone else feeling this? "

08-12-2008 23:20:54 [ Justin ]" ... does anyone think if you stack this with hydroxycut hardcore you will die? i was thinking about taking my 3 hydroxycut in the morning, taking dren half way through the day, and my final 3 hydroxycut at night. can anyone suggest why not to do this or should i just say screw it and go for it? "

08-13-2008 11:17:57 [ James J ]" ... Hi guys this is my 4th post so far I think. I've been on dren 55 days so far and my goal was to lose 16 lbs by my birthday Aug 20th. I'm happy to say I've reached that goal a week ahead of schedule. Nothing else has worked for me untill now. I'm a believer. Eating healthy, plenty of cardio and dren has worked for me. Yippee, I'm excited are you? Will take a week off after finishing my final 5 days then set next goal. Will continue to keep posted untill I reach my final goal weight of 165 lbs. "

08-13-2008 16:48:23 [ ED ]" ... following 7/14 post...I finished my first box of DREN and started my second one 2 days ago. I lost 7 pounds from the first day of use. if you refer back to my 7/12 post I exceeded my goal by 1 pound. I didn't have much to loose but now I'm lean as can be and its still comfortable, calipers say 7.5%-8%. Overall I liked the product, it did what it said it was going to do and allowed me to hit my goal with out nailing my wallet. I am continuing into another box to loose the last 3 or 4 pounds I may have left, other than that it's water, but that's what diuretics are for. Final thought is I'll rotate this with HOT-ROX Extreme for 09 spring and summer, it works just as well. My diet over this last 2 months has been moderate to high protein, low to moderate carbs, and low fat. I ate dinner no later than 8pm and after dinner only would have a protein shake b4 going to bed. That seemed to work fine for me vs. extreme dieting of any sort. Weights 3 days a week and spinning 4 days a wk for 45 min. Stacked Hyperdrol and Primabolin for 4 wks, 4wks of Formadrol EXT, then Superdrol and EQt2 last 4 weeks with the DREN. PCT is Novadex, Powerfull, and PlasmaJet. GAINED 4 lbs. of quality lean muscle and lost 7 lbs. of fat in 9 wk period. Height 5'8", 7.5% bodyfat at 189lbs. Good luck to all. "

08-14-2008 16:33:45 [ Cass ]" ... I have had a great experience with Dren so far, but I encounter non-related back issues and have to take muscle relaxers. I don't want to stop taking the dren in the mornings, would it be ok to take the muscle relaxer at night? "

08-15-2008 04:31:04 [ Rick ]" ... Started taking DREN about four days ago and already lost 3 lbs! No upset stomach or other side effects. I'm sleeping better also!

I work out six times a week. Three mornings PT and weights in the evenings. Also, my diet is tight. Before DREN, I was stuck at 180 lbs. This morning, I passed 177... "

08-15-2008 13:31:34 [ Brian ]" ... Started dren about 15 days ago. Not seeing all the fabulous results that i'm reading about?? Also using chromium picolinate as well. The scale varies from day to day...try not to focus on my actual weight...more so on the way i look. But to be honest i'm not seeing drastic results. Maybe causing water stomach has a boalted look to it after i eat...reagrdless of the size of the meal. Have a clean diet...not perfect but clean.....doing cardio as well...anywhere from 20 - 40 min 5x a week. ANy ideas...responses or advice would be greatly appreciated. Those of you who are expierencing great results...congrats...happy for you!!! "

08-16-2008 04:17:44 [ Darren ]" ... Hey guys, I've been hitting the gym about 4-5 days a week now for the past month and haven't seen really noticeable as far as fat loss goes. And I was thinking of getting myself some DREN, but I didn't know if it would be okay to take creatine along with it. If I could get some responses that would be awesome, thank you. "

08-16-2008 13:34:27 [ Eric B ]" ... It works. I've used it for seven days and I've dropped an additional five pounds from a plateau I've been on for three weeks. I exercise at least four times per week and I've noticed an increase in stamina and definition (likely due to the water loss and increased bolism this product engenders). As far as side effects, I've only noticed a slight headache from time to time and I really haven't expereinced the 'euphoria' the product claims. However, for those of you that are decaffeinated to being with, this will make you a bit jittery - although I think you will get used to it in time. I usually drink at least four 'shots' of espresso in my Americano every morning and I have cut back to a single Starbuck's coffee (which is still pretty strong)and I feel good. Again, Dren works. "

08-18-2008 18:42:13 [ Jordan ]" ... Day 1 with Dren. Jittery (which is weird since I've taken caffeine stimulants and preion Phentermine b4), no nausea, no headache, no euphoria really, and ENDLESS stamina. You feel your muscles working hard, but it's easy to keep pushing and not listen to your body. I do feel some crashing, but everbody is different. IT'S ACTIVATED BY MOVEMENT. The more you move, the more you go. "

08-22-2008 11:17:08 [ ppointer ]" ... Just started Dren on 8/17/08. The first 3 days were not good. Felt druggy and weird. Then I took it after eating a breakfast. When I did that I felt 100% better. When you take it before eating or a few minutes after eating, the feeling is not good. I took it 1-2 hrs. after eating. I havn't weighed yet sooooo - details later. I will try decaf coffee this week-end in case I start feeling jittery or nauseated. "

08-22-2008 11:44:24 [ Scooter ]" ... Darren you shouldn't have any problems with creatine and the product. Creatine usually works fine with almost anything I wouldn't be worried "

08-27-2008 12:38:51 [ Ilsa ]" ... I started Dren about two weeks ago and have lost 10+ I'm very happy with the results. I'm not a workout fanatic, but with Dren I have energy to spare...I love the feeling, I feel good all day. My goal is to lose 35 more pounds...I will keep with the updates ! "

08-28-2008 18:53:12 [ Tony ]" ... Finished first week on Dren and am five pounds lighter. Energy level is very high. Recommend staying away from coffee, unless you just like to feel like jumping out of your skin. "

09-03-2008 13:20:52 [ Cass ]" ... I 2 pills left from my pack of 30. The first 2 weeks I didn't notice much, but as soon as I hit week 3 it was like my appetite fell off of a cliff. I have to force myself to eat. Before Dren I would finish everything on my plate hungry or not and sometimes look for snacks after!! (I am not an overweight person either) Now I don't finish a meal and feel really full and bloated after a small portion. I've lost 3 inches off my waist and dropped roughly 8 lbs. I don't get the jitters but it does give me some energy in the morning. I take Dren right after my oatmeal instead of coffee. I want to take it for another month to see more results. Also I do do cardio 3-5 times a week varying from 20-60min. "

09-04-2008 07:57:44 [ liontamer33 ]" ... I've been on Dren for 4 days now and have already lost 2 pounds. I'm a small female to begin with (5'2 - 109)... just looking to lose an extra 5 pounds, which will put me back at my college weight. Before taking Dren I had a hard time getting motivated to workout and didn't have much energy to do so. I take the pill in the morning after getting ready and before getting in the car for my 1 hr commute to work. My energy levels are amazing and I definitely feel the "eurphoric" feeling... have been in the BEST moods since taking it. I really don't do too much activity, just walking/running 2-3 miles a day, 4-5 times a week and really watching my diet. I HIGHLY recommend this product, it's doing a great job so far!!! "

09-04-2008 08:18:10 [ Rose ]" ... Almost done with my first pack. I like this stuff alot. I only felt jittery probably the first day I took it. It's very subtle energy. I don't like to weigh myself but I can tell I've shredded a good amount of fat in record time. I used to be 250 and had already gotten in pretty good shape before I started Dren but I had some fat deposits in my abdominals and upper thighs that were a little stubborn. Well, that is gone now. I can't believe it I finally look like a fitness model. You can't even tell I ever had a problem being overweight. This is a really great supplement for getting past plateaus if anything. The only downside for me is sometimes I forget I have Dren in my system and I will take an upper/downer(no, it's not like that lol). I took a percoset the other day probably 3 hrs after I took Dren---big, HUGE mistake. I was sick as hell. Yeah, so never mix it w/ any kind of preion like that or you will be sorry. "

09-14-2008 23:08:59 [ Brad ]" ... I absolutely love this stuff... I've been using dren for the last two weeks and have dropped from 164 to 153. Still very anxious to see what I can do in these next 2 weeks. "

09-22-2008 15:34:33 [ shawna ]" ... i just started dren today. had some energy this morning by noon my stomach is growling and i feel tired. how long does it take for this stuff to kick in? "


09-29-2008 07:25:05 [ Jennifer ]" ... I have not started yet...but I have a 30 day supply and am very excited to try something new! Reviews seem more positive than the latter, wish me luck! "

10-03-2008 13:20:57 [ April ]" ... Just started Dren today really didn't feel anything amazing. Had some enery which I could have probably felt from caffeine alone. We'll see how the weight loss part of it goes "

10-03-2008 22:57:51 [ Jeff ]" ... I just finished the first week and I must say, this is the best stuff and it works! I've tested many products from lipo6 to hydroxycut...Dren is the real deal. Super fast results and the "euphoric feel good" feeling is kicking in now. For the person who is a non-believer like myself when it comes to this stuff...believe me, you will not be disappointed. Thank you MHP!!! "

10-05-2008 23:08:14 [ Christian ]" ... I'm just about to start DREN and I'm pretty convinced that it will be beneficial. Though I was wondering how this product compares to Animal Cuts? "

10-07-2008 17:52:49 [ Theresa ]" ... I've been on Dren for 8 days now and have already lost 10 pounds. I'm a small female 5'. I have the energy to jog for 3 miles on my lunch hour and still go home and put in an hour on the elliptical machine. No side effects for me. I'm don't consume any other caffine. DREN is the best!, "

10-07-2008 19:21:55 [ Jeff ]" ... Christian (from previous post), Animal cuts is great also. It's hard to say which one works best but from personal what I do...stack it with Dren. I take Dren and Animal Cuts. First few days was difficult but once you get used to it, it gets easy and motivates you. As with any diet, excerise, and supplements...make sure you drink plenty of water. "


10-10-2008 08:14:48 [ Terry ]" ... DREN is the best ever...I have been taking suppplements for quite some time now and I have noticed that my body was not reacting to the thermogenics like they should....Then there was DREN...I have my morning workouts at 5am, during my cardio I run faster than before and I am able to do more reps during strength training. I would really recommend this product. I have been taking Dren now for 22 days and I have lost 8lbs and 2.5 inches in my hips. So...I am getting true results. "

10-11-2008 17:49:44 [ eddie ]" ... hey will this stuff just work with me running and doing push ups and sit ups and of course dieting? or does anyone have any suggestions."

10-12-2008 20:21:42 [ Jackie ]" ... I don't know what the hype is about because I have four pills left and nothing happened. Maybe it gives a little energy, but it's minimal and I could probably get the same energy to work out from a cafene pill. Plus I also drank coffee a few times with it and I didn't feel anything either. I'm a 120 lb. girl looking to tone up. I know I don't have too much fat to lose and it's harder to lose body fat when you don't have that much to lose to begin with, but I was hoping this would help me get that ripped effect since I'm also using whey protein, doing strength training and eating enough to be able to lift, and it really didn't do anything. "

10-16-2008 09:03:18 [ Rick ]" ... No hype really, just great results as far as my experience goes.

Jackie, you need to take a closer look at your daily nutrition and fitness, supplements are an addition to the overall plan.

Best of luck. And don't give up on Dren, it really is a fantastic supplement that does give great results. "

10-20-2008 23:56:31 [ Jen ]" ... I am 5'2 and looking to go from 110 to 100 lbs. I could use any tips. I know that the best way to drop weight is diet and exercise which I have been doing but cannot seem to get off the plateau of 110 lbs. Took my first dren today with no caffeine and got nauseaus so tomorrow i will take 1/2 in the morning with no caffeine and 1/2 3 hours before working out and see how that goes. I will give it time for my body to adjust. Does not make me irritable like hydroxycut. Would appreciate any suggestions other than starving and running 15 miles a day...Theresa, you are small like me. How did you lose the 10 lbs? "

10-22-2008 08:00:49 [ Steve ]" ... Day 3 - Nausea and terribly bad diarrea. Definitely not euphoria. Days 1 & 2 were fine, today is not a good day. Will stay on it a few more days to see if my body adapts, bbut if not, I'm done. "

10-23-2008 04:39:36 [ Jen ]" ... On day 3 and is working if i take 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 in the afternoon otherwise it is too strong for my stomach. No other caffeine through out the day so i am saving money not going to starbucks. Dren gives me clean energy where I am motivated and focused rather than irritable and jittery like coffee makes me. I have lost a few pounds and dren helps me to stay focused through out my work out so that I can go longer. There is def something to this but I have to diet and exercise for results. I will keep posting my progress. I had no idea but I am actually 130 lbs. and now at 123 lbs in just 2 days. I am at 18% body fat whereas 11 months ago i was 10%. My goal is to get to 10% again. My goal is to see a lower number on the scale every time I step on it. I will not fail. I will keep posting my progress with dren. So far I am loving it. "

10-24-2008 00:26:31 [ Alex ]" ... I just bought my first box today and I'm starting tomorrow. I am really excited about DREN. I need to shed 20 to 30 lbs and I think this product will help me. I'll be sure to spill the beans about my first few days on DREN. "

10-24-2008 10:58:40 [ SFD ]" ... I guess My reaction is completely differenent unless I got a bad batch..It gave me bad chest pains and the shakes like you wouldn't believe. I don't get the shakes but by hands shook so bad I could barely write a a head ache..I thought if this is euphoria, euphoria must be located somewhere in hell..but it seems my reaction must affect me differnently than I have read "

10-27-2008 15:26:46 [ Justin ]" ... I've been taking this stuff for 3 weeks now and I have to say that this has by far been the best weight loss suppliment that I have ever used. I was very sceptical at first as I have tried hydroxycut and ripped fuel and numerous other weight loss products to no avail. Since my 3 weeks on Drenbuterol I have gone from 253lbs to 238lbs with diet and exercise. I havent had any significant side effects to speak of. The greatest thing about this for me so far is that it has completely curbed my appetite. I'm never hungry I have my planned meals at certain times and when the time comes I'm not hungry but I eat just because thats when my scheduled meal is. "

10-29-2008 17:30:57 [ ian ]" ... jen, i don't know what your body type is but if your are already lean and cut and the norm running and trying to starve your way out of 10lbs is not working you should try increasing the frequency of your meals, like instead of eating 1,2 or 3 meals, have 5,6 smaller meals but don't eat more calories just space them out this will help keep your bolism up. Also try not eating wihin in 2 to 3 ours of going to bed your body natuarally burns fat while you sleep, so if you have nothing extra in it to burn it will burn the fat your body already has stored, good luck i hope i helped you, oh ya dren is awesome!!review "

10-30-2008 14:10:59 [ Kaizen ]" ... Just started today. I have not used any products for a while so I expected to feel this. So far I seem to have a bit more energy (nothing amazing) and I think a bit more l clarity focus. I do not drink soda or coffee--I do drink tea so will not for at least a few days unless it is decaf. I taught a seniors fitness class this morning and I do use 15lb weights but it's not an intense workout for me. Felt fine. In the past I have used Lipo6 and experienced the heat, so far none of that. Also tend to have to use the bathroom quite a bit when using this type of supplement. So far no adverse effects in that dept. either. Still have an appetite but some what abated. Did find that I was a bit hungry for lunch but ate a small portion, waited 15 minutes and was quite satisfied. I am female age 46, good health want to lose approx. 20 lbs ( I am a size 12--a bit tight and want to be at least a size 10 and look good--perhaps a size 8 if possible--so weight itself is not the most telling factor for me) I am using this product to try and jump start a loss and keep control over the holidays. I will post again. Cheers! "

10-31-2008 01:38:40 [ Jen ]" ... Ian- thanks for the advice and will follow it.I tell myself that night is when the magic happens to help stop me from eating at night. Body type is the kind that gains weight all over (not apple or pear). I am on day 10 with dren and back in size 4 jeans. But it will be harder to get the rest ofthe weight off as first 6 prob was water. Still need to lose about 20 lbs. Dren def gives me the focus I need to hit the gym and am loving it. Will keep posting to show progress with dren. Good luck, stay focused, and realize your purpose. Next time I post I will update my lbs. lost. "

10-31-2008 14:57:22 [ Dr. Drambooie ]" ... This drug is gimmicked to mimic the name of clenbuterol, its similar sibling. Clenbuterol, the psuedo-stimulant, non-amphetamine was banned from the shelves a little while ago. Dren attempts to reach Clen's potential and probably does for the healthy body with a slightly safer mechanism. Dren allows the happy chemicals to be more readily released during intense exercise. It works, but your own motivation must synerqize for it to activate. 33%"Dren" 33%Caffeine 33%Filler 1%Placebo "

10-31-2008 17:25:39 [ ian ]" ... jen, i don't know if you are already doing this but circuit trainig is an excellent way of burning fat and leaning out your entire body. remember just don't focus on one area to lose weight because your body will burn up the fat in the areas it wants to "

10-31-2008 23:28:12 [ eddie ]" ... i am about to start on my fourth week and i havent seen anything results pretty disapointed does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this stuff work better "

11-02-2008 19:09:55 [ wrkoutxprt ]" ... I am reading all your posts and wondering why there is such a wide range of reactions to this. I am thinking perhaps placebo effect? You expect it to work, therefore it does? What are the side effects of this supplement? Does it increase heart rate and blood pressure? Is it similar to ephedra, which if taken in recommended dosages is ok (but people seem to feel compelled to overdo it). Just curious. "

11-03-2008 12:33:36 [ gcs ]" ... I am starting DREN today. I bought a box of 30 - so that will be my gauge as to how this affects me. I will post everyday, if I remember. I am 5'3" and 140lbs and want to tone and cut out this awful belly fat. I do spin 2x a week and am going to try to do a body sculpt class 2x a week. Took DREN one time in Sept. and felt a little edgy at the beginning, but went out to dinner after and ate a full meal. That was my first time ever, taking any kind of supplement, so I am watching closely for any adverse affects. Stay Tuned! "

11-03-2008 18:30:39 [ Jen ]" ... Thanks for the tips ian! Weight loss has slowed. Was at 130, down from 123 to 120 from last post dated 10/23. this week I can break 120 as it is only monday. Goal will be 118 to lose 2 lbs of fat by 11/8. Dren has def helped as I can tell I get a rush of energy and focus but still have to diet and exercise. My body has gotten used to it that I can go up to 1.5 pills a day (strange since this is my first diet pill i have ever taken). Take 3/4 of pill first thing in morning and another 3/4 at 5 pm before evnign workout. I love this product but wish it had more appetite suppression as I am always eating right before going to bed. Feeling full helps me fall asleep (bad habit) Does any one have any other thermo's that also suppress appetite with out making you nauseus? Will continue to use up my dren though. "

11-10-2008 23:13:00 [ AJ ]" ... well im on day 5 using dren and i can definatly feel that i have energy, but it actually makes me more hungry. after i eat about a hour later i feel like im starving and my stomach starts growling. i have had one shaking episode but only lasted ten minutes or so. i having lost any weight so far but i prolly haven't been working hard enough. no euphoric effects for me but i have noticed it puts me in a good mood. does any one else get sever hot flashes where they start sweeting for no reason at all? "

11-12-2008 10:12:54 [ Michele ]" ... Ok so I have been on dren for three weeks and I have lost a couple of pounds. I have not felt extra energy actually I am exhausted and wish the energy would of kicked in. I have not had any side effects it is an overall good supplement I just wish it had more of an energy kick. FOr me it is probably my workouts causing me to be so tired. I would recommend it definetly. "

11-12-2008 19:18:52 [ Felix ]" ... Dren is actually very good.. and I am very hard to please when it comes to supplements. Anyways, been using dren now for about 4 weeks with excellent results, and for those that doubt the euphoric effects, you are lying.. cause I feel it with every dose! "

11-15-2008 10:50:56 [ Stacy ]" ... Female former college athlete that let herself go... Purchased my first box from Vit shoppe yesterday was looking for something to help me focus in the gym Excited by all the reviews. Keep you posted "

11-16-2008 16:15:36 [ Jenn ]" ... I just bought Dren today and took my first pill at noon. The last weight loss supplement I took was ripped fuel w/ephedra and loved it. I have tried a few different since and found nothing that worked. Today it almost felt like I took a ripped fuel with ephedra. I am energetic, and not hungry at all. I did also get excited. My workout was much more intense than it's been in years. I am hoping it was true effects and not just pyschological. I am wondering though, if my tolerance will build up where I will have to increase usage overtime. Has anyone noticed this? "

11-19-2008 23:13:52 [ John ]" ... I have 34% bodyfat...just started to go back to gym. Any idea about Dren ? Dies it work for a guy like me ? I am looking forward to 3-4 sessions / week in the gym . I am 43 and sick and tired of my huge belly . "

11-20-2008 16:53:27 [ Jenn ]" ... Five days into Dren now, and becoming disappointed quickly. The first couple of days were great. But each day it's almost like my body gets more and more immune to it. Today I didn't even get an energy boost, and feel extremely tired. "

11-23-2008 12:50:41 [ Peter ]" ... On my 11th day of Dren. I feel the effects each time and it lasts a long time. Fyi, I take 800mcg of chromium along with it. So far so good with the effects. Normally im running 20-35 miles per week, but since im injured its down to about 10-15 and im still seeing weight loss.

Also, the euphoric effect is real, one time it kicked in during work. Pretty crazy. =) "

11-27-2008 22:07:15 [ Caritta ]" ... fisrt day on DREN and I'm good so far. I will weigh myself again next friday to see if this stuff really works with workouts and diet "

11-29-2008 10:04:29 [ kevin ]" ... DREN is not worth the money! I never experienced any euphoria...and whether or not it is really helping my fat loss, I cannot really tell you...I never got jittery though. I think it is best for everyone to drop the pills, start doing some high intensity interval training, cut calories from their diet (mostly from carb sources), and do carb cycling. This will lead to results...there is no magical pill to weight loss. And if there is, DREN is not it! "

11-29-2008 11:25:57 [ Cameron ]" ... DREN is MY magic pill.. wow.. this is the best buy in terms of supplements that I have made in years. Most of the people that I've spoke to really get great results from it as well, those that don't well try to focus on your diet and fitness plan as well.. it's a total package. Anyways, this is my 4th box and I would not trade Dren for anything.

5/5 all the way home! "

12-04-2008 11:51:49 [ Dave K ]" ... I loved the way it felt the first day I took it. Within minutes I felt euphoric, chatty, and good. I did not feel side effects like regular clen such as the jitters, headaches, twitches, cramping and no sleep. However, every dose since than has felt a bit weaker. I feel more focused doing cardio, which I hate, yet that euphoric feeling has seemed to disappear a lot. I have been tempted to take two or drink a cup of coffee or even some NO-Xplode, but everyone says not too.What's up with that and has anyone noticed the same thing as I am notiing?

I have recommended it to many co-workers and friends and it has apparently been a hit or miss product.

One more thing I noticed after first day of taking it, which I take every dose the minute i wake up and keep an empty stomach for 3 hours after taking, is I get tired and begin yawning a lot abou 2-3 hours into the dose.

let me hear your words "

12-04-2008 23:24:21 [ Jackie ]" ... I'm going to try again after 3 months of being off of it. I've heard others say that you should take it every other month so your body doesn't adapt and get used to it. I'm mainly thinking it'll help my energy, because it seems that's all it did the last time I took it. I even took it with coffee a few times and had NO jittery feelings whatsoever. You'd think that it would hit a 120 lb girl harder, but nope, no jitters. I'm also not pigging out and definitely not starving, but trying to eat enough protein and veggies to strength train because my ultimate goal is to squat 135 lbs. I'm also taking whey protein so we'll see if it works this time. I don't have a lot of fat to lose, but just certain areas that I want to tone up. "

12-04-2008 23:39:08 [ Jackie ]" ... I'm going to try again after 3 months of being off of it. I've heard others say that you should take it every other month so your body doesn't adapt and get used to it. I'm mainly thinking it'll help my energy, because it seems that's all it did the last time I took it. I even took it with coffee a few times and had NO jittery feelings whatsoever. You'd think that it would hit a 120 lb girl harder, but nope, no jitters. I'm also not pigging out and definitely not starving, but trying to eat enough protein and veggies to strength train because my ultimate goal is to squat 135 lbs. I'm also taking whey protein so we'll see if it works this time. I don't have a lot of fat to lose, but just certain areas that I want to tone up. "

12-05-2008 12:35:19 [ gcs ]" ... I have to agree with Jenn (11-20-08). My body got used to DREN in about a weeks time. It does give me a burst of energy to work out but I too am hungry after and can fall asleep with no problem. I have 15 pills left, may jump to a pill and-a-half in 2009. "

12-08-2008 17:33:16 [ DarkAngel ]" ... So far I am LOVING Dren! Its only been 2 weeks and I have lost an average of 8 pounds- 4 lbs per week. As long as I do not take it on an empty stomach, I do not get the shakes, I can concentrate just fine, feel energized to complete all my tasks throughout the day and can workout for a longer period of time without feeling a loss of energy or strength. I think it has actually allowed me to sleep better, as well. That is a major plus since I have suffered insomnia for years. The package recommends one pill a day, but I did try taking one for morning and one for afternoon (6a, 12p) and I was just fine. I have only done that three times though and realize that it will only allow the pills to last half a month. Great Stuff. I would recommend it to anyone. "

12-08-2008 22:15:07 [ Jackie ]" ... Hey Peter, are you taking Chromium at the same time as Dren or later on in the day? I decided to try to do that and see if stacking it will help it have a better effect so we'll see. I'll start that tomorrow. Also, the chromium bottle says take 1 pill a day, that's 200 mcg. Is that even enough to make a difference, or is 400 mcg or more for a 120 lb person safe? Does anyone know? "

12-09-2008 04:35:56 [ Cerdan ]" ... Ive got my box of Dren, but Im waiting till I finish my ECA stack before taking it. does anyone know if I should take a week out after finishing hte ECA stack before starting the Dren? Or can you just jump straight onto the Dren? Duno if its necessary, but I dun wanna screw up the result coz I still have stimulants in my system.

Would appreciate any comments, cheers. "

12-12-2008 10:22:44 [ J.Van ]" ... I just got Dren, and have read most of the reviews. Looks like a lot of mixed feelings on it. Just weighed myself 232.7 at 6' tall and 39yrs old,looking to get back down about 220. Will post every few days With results. "

12-13-2008 04:20:34 [ Cerdan ]" ... MY....GAWWWWWDDD.took my first one today with 1/4 protein shake and within 10 mins in was freakin a good bad effects whatsoever...i jus felt soooooooooooooooooo good. i went after 15 mins n ran for over an hour without any fatgigue.....covered 6.5 miles in the first hour running. This stuff puts my ECA stack right to the back of my cupboard.......i know many of u wont believe me n b thinking that the only real fat burner is the ECA stack but this stuff is for least for the energy aspect...i´ll find out bout the weight loss once im on it for a week or so.....though tbh, the sheer feeling it gives me is enough that i wud take this iver my eca anyday now. "

12-14-2008 22:27:07 [ Angel ]" ... This is the end of day two for me. Day one, about 1/2 hour after taking it I felt a burning in my throat, heart rate elevated enough to warrant paying attention to it just in case, and a tad of nausea. I maintained energy until the appropriate bed time, so it was enough of a positive reaction to take it again. Day two, I had no side effects at all. I felt energy all day and I am now ready to go to bed, so it is working well for me. I am not really interested in food, so it's probably going to be a good result for me. I have a lot of experience with fat burners, so you learn the signs of good compared to garbage, this is definately a good one! "

12-23-2008 18:09:54 [ Josh ]" ... this stuff is great if you stack it with Suppressor 60 Caps by EST and hot rox ive lost 20lbs using this stack including hotrox with no diet or that much exercise just imgagine if u just exersice more "

12-31-2008 14:46:27 [ Patreece ]" ... First day taking Dren and I'm really nervous feeling, my heart is pumping like crazy and I'm sweating like a pig but I have chills all over. Just got off the treadmill and couldn't wait to get off of it because I was so shakey. I use to take Ephedra and never had a problem with it. Since it was banned I've not found anything that works. I'm not sure yet but I will continue for a few days. I'm sure as I take it the nervous effects will go way I HOPE. Any advice is greatly appreciated. "

01-01-2009 22:45:32 [ Meg ]" ... I am interested to know what Laarni's results were. I took a pill once and got a bad headache. Kinda scared to try again. Especially after I read that guy had a bad effect on his liver. Any thoughts on this? "

01-03-2009 00:08:17 [ Meg ]" ... Also to add to my last post, I am an average female who is not looking to be a body builder type. Just wondering if this is good for just losing some body fat (like stomach!) "

01-03-2009 07:57:53 [ dlc ]" ... im intrested it in it but i need to know if its like a bulk weight loss thing or if your only trying to lose a couple of lbs. thats all thats holding me up from buying it at the moment "

01-05-2009 13:12:33 [ Patreece ]" ... Tried DREN again today. Last time I will be taking it. Its not worth being sick and throwing up. I'm sure some people have great results but for me this was a bad experience. By the way so anyone reading this and wanting to compare I am a 140lb female and when I took Ephedra I was 106 and olympic lifting and competing but I can't handle the DREN. "

01-08-2009 06:45:54 [ john ]" ... so is it a bulk weight loss thing or is it like if your trying to lose 5 lbsi would like to know bceause i am intrested in it but want to know first "

01-13-2009 11:54:48 [ inna ]" ... second day of taking dren. feel jittery and shaking. no feeling of euphoria. first day had nausea for 1 hr 45 min. today i took with yogurt, no nausea. my hands are shaking. I used to take ripped fuel before, worked great. will keep posted of the results "

01-14-2009 10:09:27 [ Jims5543 ]" ... I am very happy with the product, I am noticing more engery in my workouts, my wife notices I am in a better mood.

I make sure to eat prior to taking as we were warned to do, no ill side effects at all. No nervous energy either.

I am in week 2 of this and week 4 of my diet and have dropped 10 pounds total so far, 4 prior and 6 with.

I need to drop 8 more lbs to be at my best and feel I can get close before the end of my 30 day cycle.

If your having ill side affects make sure your eating a healthy meal prior to taking it. Protein and carbs are your friend. "

01-16-2009 08:54:54 [ LJ ]" ... I felt the euphoria, and I had the energy and there was mental focus...the side effects were too me not worth it. I found myself sleepy and drained 4 hours quicker than I normally am, and I would sleep and miss a clients training session. I am ex-military special ops, so I am used to the extended days and workouts and so forth, but falling a sleep and not even hearing the alarm is a bit troublesome! "

01-18-2009 19:48:50 [ Inna ]" ... I am taking Dren for 7 days now. I haven't loss a pound so far. I am no longer feel side effects. I have noticed that I am sweating more during workouts. I haven't notice feeling of more energy during the day. I am 5'0 female, looking to loose baby weight. I lost 38 lb with diet and exercise in the first couple of month. Looking to lose last 10 lb. I hope it will work for me. A little disappointed with the results as of today. Will post next week. "

01-22-2009 12:33:57 [ Tracy ]" ... Don't have a rating yet.....For the women out there I have started yesterday taking DREN and will let the women out there know how it works.....only because there is more mens reviews than anything. I want to lose baby weight and have more we'll see...i'll post here every week.. "

01-25-2009 20:22:36 [ Sasha ]" ... I have been on Dren now for 6 days. I do not have any side effects, but I am more focused and energetic. I am currently at 210.2 lbs. WhenI started I was at 214.3 lbs. I am doing P90x with this along with going to the gym. I will check back at the end of my 30 days. "

01-30-2009 14:13:22 [ Challis ]" ... Ok been looking for something to help me loose weight and get my but out the chair. I just bought DREN today. My first day will be tommorrow and i will let everyone know if this product works. Wish me luck. Also stay away from ACAI Berry its a gimic. "

01-30-2009 16:58:30 [ Mike T ]" ... I have been on dren for a while now, and i am also on a very strict diet and exercise program. I have lost 12 lbs in 2 weeks and am currently losing bout 1/2 lb a day. Very happy with this product. "

01-31-2009 19:44:05 [ Debbie ]" ... I have been taking DREN for 10 days. No weight loss, no euphoria.However, after a difficult season with SAD, I have no feelings of depression while on this medication. I do have a low grade headache, and stomach upset. I will stay on it until the Spring, as the emotional benefits outweigh the side effects. "

02-01-2009 07:36:57 [ Larry B. ]" ... I can say that this product is awesome. For a person who used to exercise and only saw a little loss over a long period of time, this product is a life saver. I started out weighing around 225 and I went down to 191 in a little under 2 months. I stop exercising because my schedule got too hectic and gained only a few lbs back. Now that I've started back to exercise I headed to the vitamin store to get that extra help that I need. I recommend this to anyone who needs the extra help. "

02-05-2009 06:46:36 [ Ranger ]" ... Really works well, just as the label describes! Zero headaches or depression from this product, from the folks that are talking about that here well your causes are not from Dren so go to the doc or shrink and get a real analysis of your issues of depressions. Counselling often helps.

Back to Dren, I was actually pretty surprised HOW quickly it worked, from the second dose I was getting the "euphoric" effects, really hard to describe but awesome at the same time. Weight loss so far is just over 4 pounds in 2 weeks but it's all fat so I am pleased with that.

Going to post back after a few months of use.

So far.. so good! "

02-09-2009 03:03:10 [ sean ]" ... I see most people take the 1 pill a day..Some are 1 1/2 and some are 2 in a day...Does anyone know if thats bad. I have been on DREN for 2 weeks and take 1 a day, and seem to have gotten use to the pill and don't get the same feeling as I did when I started. I'm wondering if I can up the dose to 1 1/2 2 in a 12-16 hour period throughout the day...Any feedback ould be appreciated. "

02-09-2009 08:09:00 [ Allyson ]" ... I took my first pill yesterday. It took about 3 hours before I started to feel the effects. It gave me a buzzed up feeling and I also felt full. I am excited to go workout tonight after work to see how it helps me. I am excited about this pill as i lost 3lbs from yesterday til today doing no working out at all! I will keep you all posted. "

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