Hey Muscle Warriors!

We would like to introduce two product supplement lines to you, PowerLab Nutrition and Applied Nutriceuticals. If you are serous about building muscle or getting shredded you have to check these two lines out. Also don't miss our beautiful Featured Athlete Bee Andrade, NPC Bikini Competitor

POWERLAB NUTRITION IS THE LEADER IN CUTTING EDGE ANABOLIC PRODUCTS. Powerlab Nutrition is dedicated to the serious athlete. Powerlab Nutrition is pushing the limits of science to improve human performance.


That’s what it’s all about, right?

All Applied Nutriceuticals™ products - HGHup, Alpha-X, RPM, Drive, NeoVar and more - contain substantive amounts of each compound in each product, providing maximum results when taken at the recommended dosage.

You’ll notice that you won’t find a lengthy list of different ingredients in any of our products.

Why? Because the greater the number of ingredients, the lesser amount of each one you can fit into a capsule! Other manufacturers try to dazzle you with an arm’s-long list of trendy ingredients, each at levels so low, many do absolutely nothing!

Our research has proven that not only must a given compound ingredient demonstrate the desired chemical properties and physiological responses; it must also be administered in the correct amount to be effective. We’ve weeded through hundreds of compounds over years of research in developing our high-performance nutriceuticals that deliver everything we claim, or your money back.

Featured Athlete Bee Andrade

To read all about our Featured Athlete Bee Andrade click on her photo.

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