Hello Fitness Enthusiasts, I wanted to bring to your attention BSN Syntha-6 Protein Powder. This is an awesome product that many of our customers, staff, and I have used with much success.

Syntha 6 is an ultra-premium sustained release protein powder. Product Highlights: Sustained Release Multi-Functional. Micellar Protein Matrix. Bioactive Protein Utilization Enzymes (Aminogen and Papain). Rich in BCAAs and other Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids. Contains MCTs, EFAs, and Glutamine Peptides. Rich in Fiber. Low in Lactose. Aspartame FREE. ZERO Trans Fats. Check below for Syntha 6 reviews.

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BSN Syntha-6 Protein Reviews


BSN Syntha-6 great product


14 Jun 2009 - sam of California, USA writes:

i've tried so many different proteins but the one that stands out the most is sytha-6 by bsn if your looking for a meal replacement with great taste and something to keep you full and satisfied you defenantly need to try this i personally love the chocolate peanut butter im on my third one already

Top Notch Protein


4 Jun 2009 - Jav of Florida, USA writes:

Hard to go wrong with this product. Great taste (Cookies and Cream) even with water. Easy on the stomach. I take a scoop with skim milk in the morning (pre-workout) and 1 scoop with water (post-workout) along with my recovery drink. I have never had stomach or gas problems.

Best protein product out there!


29 May 2009 - Matt of California, USA writes:

I have been weight training for the past 15 years and in that time I have tried a lot of different protein powders. BSN's Syntha 6 is by far the best tasting! I am on my 3rd tub and my favorite flavor so far is banana. It tastes great and mixes easily in milk. I have been using this product in between meals on a cutting diet and have lost 12lbs so far. I would highly recommend this product!!!



26 May 2009 - Tyson of Wyoming, USA writes:

This is an amazing product I've used it off and on for over 2 years. I love the taste, the effects, texture, everything except the cost. best product out there for toning muscle, building muscle, everything


BSN Syntha-6 Delicious Taste, Awesome Protein


23 May 2009 - Mark of New York, USA writes:

I was using Whey Protein for a number of years, and just not seeing any results from it. I might as well have been taking nothing at all. I started to review Slow-Absorbing Protein formulas, and I tried a few (including Muscle Milk). Muscle Milk tasted pretty good, but I didn't see any results from it. Syntha-6 was my last hope for proteins. $28.59 for a tub of it, and this was gonna be it. Nothing has ever worked for me, except Met-Rx back when it used to have steroids in it! LOL. Anyway, Not only does Syntha-6 taste PHENOMINAL, but it also WORKS! It's satisfying, filling, and you also feel stronger, and have balanced energy as well. My strength finally broke through a plateau, and my muscle mass exploded with this product. I'm a believer, and I'll never use another Protein Powder again.

Love it in smoothies


22 May 2009 - LA Living of California, USA writes:

I remember when I first purchased Syntha-6. I just wanted a nice protein powder to tone up (not bulk up too much). Syntha-6 was recommended for the taste and slow release of proteins. I was hesitant about mixing into my morning smoothie. Since I don't add anything sweet to my smoothies (2/3 c frozen fruit, 1/2 c ice, 2 spoonfuls of plain fat free yogurt, apple juice for thinning the mix...any low/no sugar juice works), the Syntha-6 Vanilla Ice Cream flavor provided just the right amount of sweetness. I only use 1 scoop, but I'm sure I could go with the recommended 2 (watching the calories). Excellent taste. I've even mixed 1 scoop with water (per directions) and it was still great. Wonderful stuff!

Definitely Good Stuff


28 Apr 2009 - Scott of Maryland, USA writes:

This is a real review, I'm just a regular college student trying to gain some mass. I'm not a muscle head, I try to go to the gym everyday, and I'm not stacking this with anything else. I've gone through four bottles already, and I've had good results. I certainly wouldn't say omg I got huge, but I would say that I definitely got lean muscle added on to my body. I wasn't extremely consistent with working out in the beginning, but I have been for awhile now, and I"m relatively happy with my results. The taste though, is phenomenal and I'll never drink another protein because of it. Its got great sorts of protein in it, and tastes like a milk shake! It's hard to say exactly how much I gained specifically from Syntha 6, but the placebo, and satisfaction of putting down a tasty protein shake after the gym always gets me motivated and ready to work out. Good enough for me!

Mmm Mmm Good


20 Mar 2009 - Tonii of California, USA writes:

This protein is great. saw lean muscle real quick, i say about a month, the taste. GREAT! i really recommend it. for anyone who wants to look and show lean muscle.



12 Mar 2009 - patrick of Arizona, USA writes:

Best protien ive ever had i got the chocolate flavor throw some milk in there and it taste like a chocolate milk shake great protien makes you kind of bloat but when your done with the tub it goes away when your done best protien ever buy it.


BSN Syntha-6 Worth every dollar


23 Feb 2009 - Kris of New York, USA writes:

I bought it for a great price from Muscle-4Life-Nutrition.com, and im totally pleased. I've always been a hard gainer, but i began using Cytogainer preworkout and Syntha-6 postworkout...and im just stunned by the awesome results. Realistically its probably a result of both, but none the less i'd recommend Syntha-6 to anyone. Oh yeah and the Mocha flavor was probably my favorite ever!

Great Taste and Absorbtion


23 Feb 2009 - Chad of Ohio, USA writes:

This is one of many great products produced by BSN. I have no liked Strawberry flavor in the past but this flavor is remarkable with Skim Milk added. It really fills you up in the morning as well and you it really helps with the promotion of muscle growth and endurance of the muscle. I recommend this to anyone.

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