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I was born in 1956, and approaching my 60th birthday this year. As a birthday to my wife I decided to get to the weight that caught her eye in 1986. I was working with Westin Hotels at the time managing over their fine dining and high energy lounge overseeing well over 70 employee's. I saw Su on New Years Eve. I noticed her as well. At that time I was 212 lbs, and just turned 30. Been with her ever since.

As you can see from my pictures I have put on weight over the past 30 years. As I grow older medical conditions started to become more evident. I started my career as an Accountant to Desk manager at Westin move to F&B manager to Banquet manager. than start selling beer, wine and spirits. moved to Auto Sales, Selling Advertising #1 in country winning Canadian Club salesman of the year,
than to inside sales selling advertising. #1 in sales,  Than had to stop and take care of my mom (Alzheimer -dementia) so these years I was putting on weight, really did care, Finally started to work with a national co in 8/2014, again another job with no exercise and poor eating habit always a snack machine or fast food.

Than my medical problems became more evident as they impacted my live more more. High Blood Pressure, minor heart attack ,neoparthy in my legs, nightly leg cramps, bulging disc L4, and L5. causing constant pain my legs.. I am telling everyone this, just to let you know you are never to old to change

As I work as a Senior Account Executive and again inside. I met my mentor and muse from Muscle 4 Life. I was talking to her about my weight which was 272 at that time. She made and showed how eating more healthier could and did impact my life. Finally after about a year I was convinced, several issues with heath were only getting worst. that was in March of 2016.

She explained how to start eating healthy would make a difference. At first I said , sure  it will, my mind was filled with doubt. As each week followed I started to notice that my pants were getting loose and than looser. I hop on the scale I had lost 10lbs.

So I decide to give my wife a birthday present on my birthday and be at that the weight when we first met 212 , in the first week of August. As continued to eat healthy with her advice I decide to move to some weight training to burn more calories, than Eddie Cervantes from Muscle 4 Life, became my weight trainer. he made sure that I was starting slow not to injure myself.

It is now early July 2016, here are the results:
weight 232 - a lost of 40lbs
I can now bend completely over to touch my toes
I have more energy
I walk 5 miles on weekend Saturday and Sunday each
During the week I walk in my cubicle
Other employee's notice my weight lost, ask how I did
I tell them to eat healthy, watch your carbs and intake of protein
I use whey shakes, when I get a craving to eat a sweet, you remember those snacks used to eat
I live in Las Vegas, home of the Buffet. my wife loves seafood so we continue to go
She is very petite, but boy can she eat seafood.

you can only imagine how tough this is when sitting across from her.
but I do eat when at the buffet, prime rib, shrimp, roasted veggies, Caesar salad etc
I count the calories and protein as eat on my smartphone, and o back for more
I have only gone over my calorie intake of 1400 daily calories twice
My mentor/muse is always with me whether in person or thought
I will be at 212 or less as my goal approaches
No loner have leg cramps
Back is stronger , feel like I could avoid surgery, heart is getting stronger
High Blood pressure is under control
Neopathy in lower back and legs, but I know I can control pain more

What I am telling you its is never to late to make to start and make a change.
Best of Luck all of you who have struggled like have for 59 years soon to be 60

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