Fitness Motivation To Succeed !

There are many different reasons why people start living a healthy life style. The individuals I come across tell me there reasons are from it's a New Years resolution to lose 20 pounds to wanting a career in the fitness world (competitive Bodybuilder). There is also the Doctors visit that pushes you into eating healthy and exercising or risking years off your life.

The most important part of your training program is finding the motivation, setting reasonable goals and sticking to them. Programming your mind. To get ready for one of the most important journeys of your life.

For me and many others being physically sound goes hand in hand with being spiritually sound. This website is dedicated to the one that has been there for me and all of us every step of the way. On the days we feel we can not go on. We pray to him asking him for strength and he always finds time to give it to us. As you probably guessed I am speaking of the almighty God.

As a body builder God has given me all the power and strength I need every day to give every workout the best I possibly can and to stick to my nutritional meal plans which in turn give me satisfaction and a happy healthy life. So I must take this time to thank the Lord for all his strength and Love. Motivation is a state of mind. Just showing up to your workout is 90% of success. Consistency is the key to achieving your fitness goals. Think next year this time with consistent workouts, nutrition and supplementation (macronutrients and micronutrients) you will have improvement in your health, body and mind.

Building muscle, toning up getting in shape is an excellent motivation for your family and friends. I can tell you my friend, When I started this new way of life by eating healthy, working out hard and getting closer to the Lord my family felt the change even My wife started her path to her great new life she has now. You become the motivator.

That is what I am saying, lead by example especially with your children and you will feel happiness in your heart money can't buy. God Visit Muscle 4 Life Nutrition blog to read motivational stories. You can let bloggers read your success stories Find your motivation and start your healthy life style today. This is your time!! Good Luck, Glory To God!!

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