Interview With NPC Figure Competitor Stephanie Michelle Gonzales

By Eddie Cervantes,


  • CEO - Muscle 4 Life Nutrition LLC
  • Specialist In Performance Nutrition
  • Editor's Note: Special thanks to Stephanie for taking the time to speak with All photos courtesy of Stephanie Michelle Gonzales.

Stephanie Michelle 1

    Hello all, I ran into NPC Figure Competitor Stephanie Michelle Gonzales.

    This lady is an elite athlete and has a rock hard physique. Plus she is a Super Mom!!

    Eddie: Hello Stephanie, tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in bodybuilding, and the fitness world?

    Stephanie: I am a single mother of 4, my small army and I live a healthy lifestyle.

    I used to teach aerobics and became friends with another instructor Connie Longoria (Muscles in Motion/ NPC Judge/ Personal Trainer) she suggested I try competing in figure. I took 1st in my class and was hooked.

    Eddie: That is awesome, you are setting a great example for your children. Where do you reside and train at?

    Stephanie: San Jose, CA. I train out of Golds Gym

    Eddie: I was born in San Jose, see only the best come from San Jose. Do you have a trainer or do you do it on your own?

    Stephanie: I have worked with several trainers in the past but will be training myself for my next competition.

    Eddie: What is your training philosophy?

    Stephanie: This sport is about hard work and dedication! You will never make it without it.

    Eddie: That is so true. What does your current training workout look like? 
Stephanie Michelle 2

    Stephanie: Cardio 45 min twice a day 1-2 Hours a day of weight training 6 days a week.

    Eddie: Can you give us a run down of the competitions you have competed in?


  • 2004 WBFA Santa Cruz Championships Figure Tall 1st Place
    WBFA Miss America Figure Tall 3rd Place

  • 2005 WBFA Solano County Figure Tall 2nd Place

  • 2007 WBFA Sacramento Figure Tall 1st Place & Overall

    NPC Excalibur Figure Tall 7th Place

    NPC San Jose Championship Figure C 1st Place

    NPC Flex Wheeler Classic Figure Tall 2nd Place

  • 2008 NPC Contra Costa Figure C Open Class 2nd Place/ Masters 35+ 1st Place

    NPC Cal Classic Figure C Open Class 2nd Place/ Masters 35+ 1st Place
  • ( I may have missed a few)

    Eddie: Outstanding!! What was the hardest thing you had to deal with when it came to your diet?

    Stephanie: Carb and Sugar Cravings... I love food!!!

Stephanie Michelle 3 Eddie: HAHHA..I get that answer to this question a lot. Do you have any tips or secrets to share with our readers when it comes to fighting off those hunger urges?

    Stephanie: Sugar Free Jello and a Diet Coke

    Eddie: Give me an example of your diet. What do you normally eat each day?

    Stephanie: Oatmeal & Egg white Scramble

    Talapia & greens 4 meals

    Top Sirloin Last meal of the day

    (I add extra carbs on heavy leg days)

    Eddie: If you could thank one person for helping you reach your professional and fitness goals, who would it be?

    Stephanie: My Latest Trainer Matt Allen @ Ray Ardes' Built Tuff Gym in Campbell

    Eddie: How important are supplements in your fitness program and which supplements do you use year round?

    ALRI Comatose Stephanie: Very Important.. Xtend by Scivation is my favorite.

    Eddie: Xtend is a great product. Xtend is a precise, scientific blend of Energy Amino Acids. What advice would you give to someone who has tried a number of weight loss programs with no success?

    Stephanie: Weight Loss programs on their own will not help you reach your goals. You can get the same results by maintaining a healthy life style and sticking to your training routine.

    Eddie: What has been your stepping stone to get where you are today?

    Stephanie: Competing has opened up a lot of doors for me in the fitness world, networking with photographers, trainers, and other athletes.

    Eddie: Where and when is your next competition?

    Stephanie: My goal is to compete in San Diego March 2010.

    Eddie: Stephanie, I was surprised to hear you have four children, By looking at your rock hard physique, you do not look like a women who has even had one child. You must be the fittest mother/parent at the school open houses. Have any of your children taken you to career day? Tell me about your family?

    Stephanie: I have four Children ages 20, 18, 13, and 9. I have gotten some interesting looks from parents as well as kids. I don't let it bother me I take it as more of a compliment.

    Eddie: You should take it as a complement. You must of had your 20 year old when you were 10 years old..hahahah. What has bodybuilding taught you thus far?

    Stephanie: Hard work pays off.

Stephanie Michelle 3

    Eddie: What is your favorite muscle you enjoy workout and why?

    Stephanie: I like to train back. I think it's what makes me stand out on stage.

    Eddie: Who has been the most memorable person you have enjoyed working with??

    Stephanie: Johnny Aliotti (IFBB Figure Pro Gina Aliotti's Father) I enjoyed his training style positive attitude and upbeat personality.

    Eddie: Would you like to give a shout out to anyone?

    Stephanie: Connie Longoria, Muscles in Motion, Rob Carbo, Carbonics Training, Johnny Aliotti, Paradise Personal Training, Matt Allen, Ray Ardes' Built Tuff Gym

    Eddie: What are your big plans for the future?

    Stephanie: This will be my last year competing in Figure. I would like to move on to another sport and continue training in Muay Thai. I am a Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist and will be working on building my business.

    Eddie: Muay Thai, great sport. I am sure you are great at it. Anything else you would like to add?

    Stephanie: I have been through some very hard times but have stayed positive and never lost sight of my goals. I would just like to say to all the single Moms that doubt themselves, You can accomplish anything you put your mind too. You may be down but never count yourself out.

    I would like to thank for giving me this opportunity. I love the variety of information that is available. You guys are awesome keep up the good work!!!

    Eddie: Thank you Stephanie! We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to spend some time with us. Good luck in all your future goals.

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