Andrew and Anthony, The Rogers Twins Taking The Fitness World By Storm!

By Eddie Cervantes,

  • CEO - Muscle 4 Life Nutrition LLC
  • Specialist In Performance Nutrition

  • Editor's Note: Special thanks to Anthony & Andrew for taking the time to speak with All photos courtesy of The Rogers Twins

Rogers Twins

    A good friend of mine IFBB Pro Kara Finer introduced me to two of the most unique athletes I have ever met. They just happen to be brothers and Twins. Andrew and Anthony Rogers, There is a lot of interest in the fitness industry for these two brothers. After interviewing them I can see why. I also want to take this time to say thank you to my co-interviewer Jade Cervantes, who helped out tremendously on this interview.

    Eddie: Hello Anthony and Andrew, you both are the first twins has ever interviewed for our featured athlete interview. It is my understanding that you both began bodybuilding at the age of 16. What inspired you to have had that much dedication at such a young age?

    Andrew/Anthony: Hi Eddie, first off thanks for the opportunity of this interview, we are followers of and it is a pleasure to be given the chance to share some things about ourselves with you, we really appreciate it and thank you

    We started training at the age of 16, basically as soon as we were at a legal age to join then gym we did on that very day, on our 16th birthday. From a young age we always used to watch the WWF wrestling, and idolized Jean Claude Van Damme, we always used to say to one another that when we grow up we want to be just like those guys. So we hit the gym, not really knowing what we were doing regarding training strait away, all we knew is this is what we were made for and this is what we wanted to do with our lives ;). With being twins we were able to stay focused and motivate one another when we got tired or fed up of being in the gym every day at such a young age, if one of us didn’t want to be there on that day, the other would take the lead to motivate and see us finish the workout, and that’s how it was for the first couple of years until we really started to see some great results

    Eddie: Thanks for following That must be awesome to have each other to lean on. How did you know that the world of bodybuilding was something you both wanted to be apart of?

    Andrew/Anthony: I think at first we just wanted to be like the guys we watched on TV, not to compete but just to look good, but as time passed and we became bigger, stronger, and in the best shape of our lives, we realized that we are pretty good at this whole gym thing, and this is what we were meant to be. Before the gym we played football, did athletics as sprinters and all sorts of other sports, but as soon as we joined the gym we knew we had found our second home

    Eddie: Could you inform our readers on what both of your stats are?

    Andrew/Anthony: We are both the same at the moment, though now and again one of us will start growing, then the other one will follow strait after haha, we are very competitive so we use each other as a guideline of where we need to be

    Height: 5 ft 7
    Weight: 210 pounds
    Waist size: 32 inch
    Chest: 49 inch
    Arms: 18 inch

Twins No Shirts

    Eddie: That is cool how you feed off each other. Being from England, how would you say bodybuilding is perceived in the United Kingdom opposed to the United States?

    Andrew/Anthony: I think over here it is a big thing, though you don’t see so many people in bodybuilding shape as you would in United states. Though now there are more and more people getting into training hard, following good diets and looking to live the whole bodybuilding lifestyle, so we are trying our best to catch up In this country.

    Eddie: I've noticed that you both have done modeling. What are some modeling projects we might have seen you in?

    Andrew/Anthony: We have done quite a few modeling projects. This year we were voted onto the galaxy manhunt calendar, as the first ever twins to feature on this calendar, with it being an individual contest. Out of thousands of people the general public get to vote for the best 12 guys, and we made it, we are Mr. and Mr. June this year ;)

    We recently did a photo shoot to get into the world physique magazine training partners article, and hoping to make the cover of that magazine sometime in the future, which would be a great achievement for us when it happens, would be a dream come true and a statement that we are where we want to be in the fitness industry ;)

    We also recently did a project for, promoting there big back grips. We were happy to do this as we really believe in the product and was a pleasure to work with them.

    We have some other modeling projects coming up soon, that cover not just fitness modeling but general modeling too.

    Eddie: You two are really going places. World Physique is a great company, the owner Tammy is a sweet heart! Can you give us a rundown on both of your training routines?

    Andrew/Anthony: We usually train 5 days a week, and train together, we do change things around every so often to shock the body, but this is our usual routine:

    Mon. Back and Biceps, abs

    Tue. Chest and tricpes

    Wens. Legs, calves, lower back

    Thurs. rest day

    Fri: shoulders and traps, abs

    Sat: arms

    Sun: rest

Andrew Crab Pose

    Eddie: Do you both train together, or individually?

    Andrew/Anthony: We do train together most of the time, however now and again its not possible with working different times, so we then train with some of the young guys at the gym, as they like to train with us with us always pushing people to there limits and taking every workout seriously

    Eddie: Have either of you competed in a bodybuilding competition, if not do you plan to in the near future?

    Andrew/Anthony: We have never competed in a competition, though we have trained naturally now for over ten years and think its time to use what we have, so considering a natural competition this august in Manchester, should everything go to plan. Really looking forward to giving it a go, will be awesome.

    Eddie: What is your favorite body part to work out and why?

    Andrew/Anthony: Andrews favorite body part is shoulders, Anthony's favorite body part is back. We are both similar all over however in these two workouts, its always a battle to see who can out lift the other. We do love training all body parts and try to give every area the same effort, as we are looking for the total package rather than any outstanding body parts, and hope to get there someday

    Eddie: How important are supplements in your nutrition and bodybuilding program and which supplements do you use year round?

    Andrew/Anthony: We have protein shakes every day, as these are so important to get what your body needs after hard workouts. We also take a multi-vitamin every morning, vitamin c tablets, epa fish oil tablets, and sometimes before a workout we will take NO Xplode. Supplements make a huge difference to us, and its not always possible to eat every 2 or 3 hours when you have a busy schedule so they are ideal to keep you growing

    Eddie: Would you say being twins in this industry is a good marketing tool?

    Andrew/Anthony: We think the twin thing is our biggest asset, there are so many guys in shape who are perhaps bigger than us, but with there being two of us its something that is not so common wherever you go, and to be near enough identical in bodies gives us a great opportunity to use this and achieve some great things ;) we are giving it our best shot right now to make it

    Eddie: I know you two are going to do amazing things in the fitness industries! Are either of you married? Can you tell us a little about your family? 
Anthony Floor Pose

    Andrew/Anthony: Neither of us are married, though someday we would both love that in our lives. One of our heroes in our life was our father, who sadly passed away 4 years ago. He was and will always be a huge inspiration to us, as if it wasn’t for him bringing us up to be the best we can be and to be respectful to all people, we would not be the people we are today. Dad you’re the best and your never forgotten ;)

    We have 2 other brothers and a sister, though we are the youngest and the only ones in the entire family who are into the gym and bodybuilding, though we are always trying to convince them to get in the gym and get some hardcore training done ha.

    Anthony has a 5 year old daughter called Stephanie who he loves to bits and lives for, she motivates him in many ways and loves the fact that her daddy is really big and strong haha, so maybe when she grows up she will get into the whole gym scene too.

    Eddie: That is great to see how you honor your Father. My Father also passed away last year so I understand where you are coming from. My Father would of enjoyed meeting you two. What do you both like to do to relax?

    Andrew/Anthony: We do go out some weekends, though tend to not drink alcohol, or very little. With training so hard and so often sometimes you need to get away from it all and have a night out with friends, and just do some socializing

    Eddie: Yes, you do have to get away from it for a while but those party nights, all though fun can be really hard on your workouts and gains. Do either of you participate in any other additional sports?

    Andrew/Anthony: We used to run for Trafford athletics club as sprinters many years ago, and on many football (soccer) teams to, though now we are just focusing on our favorite thing of all, THE GYM

    Eddie: Any exciting plans or goals for the future you would like to share with our readers?

    Andrew/Anthony: We are currently making an official rogers twins website, as well as a workout DVD. Planning to have these done in the next couple of months. Also hoping to make it onto the cover of world physique magazine very soon. Hopefully these will help to keep going in the right direction and get us one step closer to the goals we have in this industry. Also planning a trip to America sometime this year, to promote the rogers twins ;)

    Eddie: Would you like to give a shout out to anyone?

Anthony Floor Pose

    Andrew/Anthony: I would like to say hi to all those from the one and only WORLD PHYSIQUE MAGAZINE, an awesome magazine that’s full of great news and info from the fitness world. And to our good friend Larry from

    Also to our long term training partner Ryan Wagster, your the man! To Kara Finer, Anthony say's he will see you soon.

    Eddie: Thank you so much Anthony and Andrew for spending some time with us today. We wish you luck in all your future goals?

    Andrew/Anthony: Its our pleasure Eddie and thank you for the opportunity, is an awesome site and we are honored you would give us this interview, thank you and all the best to reaching your goals

    Andrew and Anthony

    Eddie: I appreciate that Andrew and Anthony. We will be following your careers closely. Keep in touch.

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