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By Eddie Cervantes, Muscle-4Life-Nutrition.com


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  • Br> Editor's Note: Special thanks to Kat for taking the time to speak with Muscle-4Life-Nutrition.com. All photos courtesy of Kat Painter

Kat Posing On Stage

    Hey everyone! I had the pleasure of meeting Katherine (Kat) Painter, aka “Rocket Girl”, a woman who made a powerful decision in her life, to start treating her body as the temple it was meant to be. Now, she helps others to do the same! Don't let her 5 foot, 100-pound lean physique fool you. With her desire, determination, and dedication - she can move mountains!

    Eddie: Hello Kat, Tell us all about yourself and how you got started in fitness and the bodybuilding world?

    Kat: I have dedicated the past 8 years of my life as a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor working in Orange County, CA and Huntsville, AL. I will be moving in March back to California and work in Santa Monica. I made the choice to switch careers, from the corporate world to the fitness world and don‘t regret it! I absolutely love my career and truly believe it was my calling from God to help others lead a positive, healthy lifestyle. From the ages of 6 to 18, I was heavily involved in dance, cheerleading, and gymnastics. I remember my parents riding their bikes with me and my younger sister to the park. At the playground, we would challenge each other with an obstacle course and do a ton of calisthenics. For fun, I also played tennis, basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer, and swimming.

    Once college came around, I found excuses to not be active like I once was and adopted bad eating habits. I was hooked on caffeine and processed food to get me through the day and noticed my health going downhill fast. After college, my corporate career, caring for my sick husband, new marriage, social life, etc took additional toll on my health and wellbeing.

    The extra 24 pounds of weight (5 dress sizes) I had gained affected my health and self esteem. In 1998, I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and also suffered lower back pain due to inactivity over 7 years. A year later, I had disappointing miscarriage and suffered a mild depression. Through the support of my family and faith in God, I realized that I neglected myself and was ready for a life-changing journey of self-improvement.

    In 2000, my life changed for the better. After watching the Fitness America Pageant on ESPN, I saw incredibly fit adult women performing amazing, high energy, athletic routines. Their physiques and self confidence inspired me to get fit and healthy! My motivation was to live a long, healthy, balanced life. I was ready for the exciting journey to good health and fitness! At 26 years old, I never even stepped into a gym and knew that it was going to take a lot of discipline and willpower. I started taking group exercise classes at the local Gold's Gym, but did not want to do much weight training. Although, I lost the desired weight, I did not achieve the toned look I wanted in my upper body.

    I loved doing cardio, and as a result, became the “skinny-fat” girl. I learned that strength training and eating healthy balanced meals would give me the firm physique I wanted. A couple of years later, I hired a personal trainer to run me through an intensive strength training and nutrition program. I immediately saw my body transform in a matter of a few short months! All the hard work was paying off and I regained my self confidence. From then on, I was hooked on incorporating proper nutrition, supplementation, strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and plenty of rest!

    Eddie: Wow! What a healthy life change you made, good for you. Where do you reside and train at?

    Kat: I currently live in Huntsville, AL and train at several gyms. I am looking forward to moving back to California this spring to continue pursuing my career in fitness and other business endeavors.

    Eddie: I know you are a fitness model beside being a competitive bodybuilder. In which magazines or websites can our readers see you in action?

    Kat: You can find me on FitnessX.com Online Magazine where I am a contributing writer, upcoming April 2010 Fitness Enthusiast and Oct/Nov 2010 Cover Model. Outside of being online, I had the opportunity to film a fitness infomercial in 2006 called “American Bunkai” with Greg Comeaux, Fitness Trainer to the Stars who starred in the reality TV show, “The Swan”. We demonstrated a fitness product using self-defense moves using cardio and strength training. I am planning on filming more fitness infomercials very soon!. You can also check out the following links:

  • http://www.gofusionfitness.net

  • http://www.fitnessx.com/

  • http://www.myspace.com/katherinefadul

  • http://blog.bodybuilding.com/GlobalGossip/2008/12/24/look-out-for-upcoming-fitness-star-katherine-fadul/#respond

  • http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/2006la.htm

  • http://asianfitnessblog.com/2007/05/01/katherine-painter.aspx

  • http://www.fitbabesblog.com/blog/2008/11/19/katherine-painter.html

  • http://efitnessandhealth.com/info/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=107&Itemid=62

  • http://www.williamuz.com/-/williamuz/galleryindex.asp

Kat In Bikini 1

    Eddie: You are a popular girl..lol. What is your competitive history?


  • Best Overall Female Lifter, 1st in Dead lift with 215 pounds, 1st in Bench with 75 pounds, 1st in Bench Reps with 40 at 50% bodyweight of 95 pounds and 35 years old- Rocket City Push/Pull Charity Event for St. Jude Children's Hospital for Cancer Research 2009

  • Best Overall Female Lifter, 1st in Dead lift with 230 pounds, 1st in Bench with 95 pounds weighing in at 97 pounds and 35 years old- Don's Gym Push/Pull Classic 2009

  • NBC’s American Gladiator contender finalist in Los Angeles Casting Call 2008

  • Top 5 in Figure, 4th place in the 2006 Los Angeles NPC Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships (National Qualifier)

  • Top 10 in Fitness Model, 6th place in the 2006 FAME Golden State Championship (National Qualifier)

  • Top 5 in Fitness, 1st runner-up in the 2003 Fitness America Pageant Capital Championships (National Qualifier)

  • Eddie: American Gladiator contender finalist, I love it! What is your training philosophy?

    Kat: I want to add that I didn't expect making the finals. I was sick with bronchitis, but did not want to miss out on working at the LA Fitness Expo and was determined to try-out for one of my favorite shows since childhood. I made the cut and was asked to do a 10-minute video of myself in my hometown, Huntsville, and send it back to Hollywood in 2 days. Unfortunately, my video slipped out of my Fed Ex package and was immediately eliminated as a finalist. Oh well, that's life and it was a wonderful experience! There are always other amazing opportunities in life. My training philosophy is to Never give up! There are no limits to what you set your mind to! Just do it and results will happen!

    Eddie: Simple, but so true!! Can you give us a rundown of what your current training workout look like?

    Kat: The past two months I have been lifting heavier to gain more muscularity to my physique. I have been doing 30-45minute cardio sessions 3 to 4 days a week, and will be increasing the duration and days this month. Here is my current weight training schedule:
    Here is my current weight training schedule:

  • Monday- Chest/Biceps/Abs

  • Tuesday- Quads/Calves/Abs

  • Wednesday- Rest

  • Thursday- Back/Shoulders/Abs

  • Friday- Hamstrings/Glutes/Triceps/Abs

  • Saturday- Rest

  • Sunday- Sprints/Plyometrics/Abs

  • Eddie: I love Plyometrics! So Kat, when it comes to your physique, what is your strongest attribute and what part is a constant challenge?

    Kat: I believe my abs are my strongest attribute due to my love for core exercises, while my biceps have been my hardest to increase more mass. 
Kat Painter Holding Dumbbells

    Eddie: Could you share with us your philosophy on nutrition?

    Kat: You are what you eat. If you feed your body healthy food and eat 5-6 smaller meals every 2-3 hours, your health and body will respond in a positive way! To get results in your physique, pay close attention to what you eat!

    Eddie: What was the hardest thing you had to deal with when it came to your diet?

    Kat: It has to be when I am getting ready for a contest or photo shoot. During those times, I do not go out much and get a lot more sleep, and train more intensely to get in the best condition possible. It is worth the sacrifice!

    Eddie: All your hard work is paying off. How important are supplements in your bodybuilding program and which supplements do you use year round?

    Kat: Supplements are crucial to getting the results you want. Being a natural athlete, I have never taken steroids or any kind of prohormones, and don’t intend to in the future. I value my overall health. I am living for longevity! I just started taking some wonderful products like Tony O’Donnell’s Radiant Greens, Pomegranate Plus and Vitamin B12 which have all the essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.. During the year, I take omega-3, EFAs, BCAAS, glutamine, buffered creatine, and whey protein. I highly recommend purchasing your high-quality supplements at www.Muscle-4Life-Nutrition.com!

    Eddie: Thank you Kat, we really love helping our customer's with all of their supplementation, nutrition, and fitness needs. What advice would you give to someone who has tried a number of weight loss programs with no success?

    Kat: I would ask them why they didn’t work. Did they follow the program completely? If not, why not? There is no magic pill! Through proper nutrition, supplementation, strength training, and cardiovascular exercise, the increased metabolism for fat-burning which will produce the toned, lean body everyone desires. This is the only safe way to lose and keep the weight off! It is worth the effort and everyone deserves a long, vibrant life! Live the healthy lifestyle- because without your health, you have nothing.

    Eddie: I agree totally, live a healthy lifestyle, it is truly rewarding! Where and when is your next competition?

    Kat: I am planning on competing in the Memorial Weekend Muscle Beach International in May. That should be fun since it will be outdoors! I haven’t competed in figure or fitness since 2006, so I am ready to get back on the stage with a new physique at 36 years old.

Kat Posing With Arms At Sides

    Eddie: Go get'em Kat! What is your favorite body part to workout and why?

    Kat: Abs! There’s nothing better than feeling the burn after a 20-30 minute training session! Coupled with a clean diet, the coveted 6-pack is the reward!

    Eddie: I like that, coveted 6-pack, I think I will use that as my own..lol. Are you married? Can you tell us about your family?

    Kat: I am blessed to have a wonderful, loving boyfriend, Bill Aguirre, a.k.a. BillyBow from FitnessX.com Online Magazine, who loves the Lord and supports my work and goals. He understands what I go through because he is also involved in the fitness world. My parents and sisters live a healthy lifestyle and we support each other's goals and dreams, whatever they may be. It all comes down to having a relationship to God first and unconditional love!

    Eddie: Well put, Glory to God! Spiritually Sound, Physically Sound. What other sports are you interested in?

    Kat: Tough one. I like all types of sports, but I absolutely love basketball. Go Lakers!

    Eddie: If one of our readers was interested in becoming a bodybuilding figure competitor and already lives a healthy lifestyle, what would your advice be to her?

    Kat: I would tell her to be prepared to make some sacrifices in her life if she plans to compete. Nothing in life comes easy without dedication, determination, and most of all, belief in yourself. Also, I would remind her that in the bodybuilding figure competitions, judging is subjective and as long as you enjoy what you are doing and do your best, your experience should be rewarding.

    Eddie: If you could thank one person for helping you reach your fitness goals, who would it be?

    Kat: I would have to thank for God giving me the strength to have faith in myself again. With that, I was able to turn my life around and live a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Kat Close Up

    Eddie: I love that you give thanks to God. I know and have met a lot of awesome athletes through the years that say they owe all their success to God. You got to love it! Who has been the most memorable person you have enjoyed working with?

    Kat: I would have to say I remember two people in particular, the “Fitness Twins”, Adria Montgomery-Klein and Natalie Montgomery-Carroll, who won several national and world fitness shows in the past. They helped me with my very first show in fitness with Fitness America where I placed 1st runner-up. I enjoyed every minute of learning how to diet safely and loved practicing my fitness routine my strength moves and working on keeping the intensity level high and athletic movements as concise as possible for my 2-minute routine. What a fun challenge!

    Eddie: Would you like to give a shout out to anyone?

    Kat: Yes, I would like to thank my new sponsor, FitnessX.com Online Magazine, for inviting me to be their contributing writer, April 2010 Fitness Enthusiast and October/November 2010 Cover Model. You can read my articles every month at http://www.fitnessx.com

    Eddie: What are your big plans for the future?

    Kat: I am focusing on shows that promote natural athletes. I haven’t competed in figure or fitness since 2006, so I am ready to get back on the stage with a brand new physique at age 36! Outside of competing, I will continue personal training and instructing my boot camps, working on my website and an exercise DVD, doing more fitness infomercials, get involved in health & fitness shows (TV & Radio), participating in more fitness and wellness expos, more fitness modeling shoots, land product/supplement endorsements, working with childhood obesity organizations, and opening up my own fitness and wellness facility.

    Eddie: We are big supporters of childhood obesity organizations. Anything else you would like to add?

    Kat: I would love to thank all my fans, friends, and family who have supported me in my fitness endeavors. If it wasn’t for the inspiration I got from fit and healthy people who influenced me to take care of my health, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I made the choice to live responsibly 10 years ago. Big thanks go out to my trainer/training partner, Doug Blake, in Huntsville, Alabama. He pushed me further with my training than any other trainer! You may not be fitness competitor or personal trainer, but I challenge you- men and women- to adopt a healthy lifestyle with exercise (strength training and cardiovascular exercise) so you will reap the benefits of enjoying a longer life with family and friends! Remember that your body is a God-given temple. Be responsible and treat your body well, because no one else will. You deserve to be fit and healthy! Most of all, believe in yourself and you will accomplish and experience great things in your life!

    Eddie: Amen! We wish you all the blessings in the world Kat, Thank you for taking the time to spend with us today.

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