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Kasie Rae

By Eddie Cervantes,


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  • Editor's Note: Special thanks to Kasie for taking the time to speak with All photos courtesy of Kasie Rae

Kasie in Blue Bathing Suit and Black Gloves

    I had the pleasure of meeting one of the hottest professional fitness models in the industry Kasie Rae, and we finally have here on

    Eddie: Hello Kasie, It is great to have you here on Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in modeling and fitness?

    Kasie: For a very long time I wanted to be a model..but wasn't sure where to begin, until a roommate of mine, who was a model herself, helped me out. I started modeling swimwear and lingerie. However, I was getting more and more interested in fitness and working out. It wasn't' until a few magazines and catalogs photoshopped my bicep off!.. or my abs completely out! that I realized fitness modeling was a better fit for me!

    Eddie: I can't believe they photoshopped your abs and biceps. You have some sculpted abs and defined biceps that should be shown. Being a model, your body is your business. What has it been like to maintain your physique?

    Kasie: Difficult at times! I love to eat! But as long as I have something continually motivating me to look my best than it's not too hard, I love setting goals and trying to achieve them!

    Eddie: Yes! Goal setting is such a motivational builder. Where do you reside and train at?

    Kasie: I reside in Helena, Montana and I train at Fuel Fitness, a gym that my husband and I own. We have two locations so it's nice because I can switch things up by going to the other, which is in Butte MT...only a short drive! 
Kasie On Magazine Cover

    Eddie: That must be nice to have your choice of two gym facilities to train in, not to mention that you own. Do you have a trainer or do you do it on your own?

    Kasie: I do it on my own. Although I think it's really nice to have a good training partner..I'm on my own for now!

    Eddie: Have you ever played any type of sports or activities?

    Kasie: No team sports for me. Rather I have always been into motor sports and other outdoor activities such as, Jet skiing, boating, 4-wheeling, hiking....

    Eddie: My kind of girl! Four wheeling is awesome! What does your current training workout look like?

    Kasie: I train 4 days per week and train every muscle only once. I see better results this way. A typical week for me would be Mon: Chest/Tric, Tues: Back/Biceps, Wed: off, Thurs: Shoulder/Abs, Friday: Legs. I try to do as much cardio as possible and get outside for exercise every chance I get!

    Eddie: Is this training routine something that our readers can use to build muscle and lose body fat or is this something that is more suited for an advanced athlete?

    Kasie: Definitely a leaning out and toning workout! Anyone can do it! ..Just adjust the weight to fit where you are just beginning or more advanced. 
Kasie in Flower Shirt

    Eddie: What was the hardest thing you had to deal with when it came to your diet?

    Kasie: As a woman, craving carbs is the hardest for me. Sometimes..carbs just make us happy! Also being hungry in the evenings and wanting to snack!

    Eddie: LOL I think those late night hungers hit us all. Give me an example of your diet. What do you normally eat each day?

    Kasie: Eating every 3 hours for me is a must! first meal 5am: protein shake, 8am: egg whites, and oats, 11am: Cottage cheese, and fruit...1:00 workout, 2:00 post workout protein shake, 5pm: Salmon or chicken, with 1/2 sweet potato, 8pm egg whites only. I get most of my fruits and veggies in pill form...just because it's hard for me to get them in everyday. And cheat days are Sunday!

    Eddie: If you could thank one person for helping you reach your professional and fitness goals, who would it be?

    Kasie: My friend Jamie Eason has helped me out a ton in the fitness modeling industry and with my dieting and workouts at times. So Thanks Jamie!

    Eddie: Jamie Eason sounds like she has been a great friend to you. She also has contributed so much to the fitness industry. Jamie is a favorite of mine. How important are supplements in your fitness program and which supplements do you use year round?

    Kasie: I always try to take a good protein supplement and love the fullness I get when taking a creatine supplement. My preference is Kre-Alkaline to avoid the bloat. Essential Fats and aminos are always a must as well.

Kasie with Cotton Candy Eddie: What has been your stepping stone to get where you are today?

    Kasie: My stepping stone is my faith in Jesus because without Him I don't know where I would be today, but I know that i would not be nearly as successful or happy.

    Eddie: Beautifully said Kasie, Jesus shows us his blessings and love everyday. Where and when is your next modeling project?

    Kasie: I will be making a trip soon to shoot in LA..with Mike Byerly to shoot some more fitness shots and hoping to get another Cover!?

    Eddie: We will keep an eye out for you. Tell me about your family. In addition, are you married, single, or dating?

    Kasie: I have a great family one brother and one sister, myself being the youngest. Most everyone resides in MT..the reason I moved back! And yes, I am married and I have a pitbull named Diesel...he is my little baby!

    Eddie: DIESEL, great name lol. What has modeling taught you thus far?

    Kasie: Patience! ..although I still don't always have's something I have to work at everyday.

    Eddie: What was the hardest thing for you to over come when you first started modeling?

    Kasie: My shyness! I am now very comfortable in front of the camera...but not always the video camera, that's something i still need to work on!

    Eddie: You look so comfortable and beautiful in all your projects! Who has been the most memorable person you have enjoyed working with?

    Kasie: Wendi with Satio Photography! We are now good friends..but she is the first that comes to mind because every time we work together it's fun!

    Kasie: Ummm..Love you Mom! 
Kasie in Black and White Photo

    Eddie: Would you like to give a shout out to anyone?

    Kasie: Ummm..Love you Mom!

    Eddie: What a great daughter! You have to give props to your Mom look who she created. What are your big plans for the future?

    Kasie: Well, in the fitness industry my main goal is to get the Cover of Oxygen or Fitness RX! And I would love to have a sponsorship with a great company! Once I feel satisfied in the fitness world I would love to one day own my own upscale clothing boutique!

    Eddie: I can see you on the cover of Oxygen magazine. Anything else you would like to add?

    Kasie: Just want to say Thank you! It's an honor to be interviewed by Muscle 4 Life Nutrition. And I wish you and your company much success in the New Year!

    Eddie: Thanks Kasie, you are an outstanding lady! The fitness industry is lucky to have you. I wish you all the luck achieving all your goals. God Bless.

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