Interview With WBFF Pro Figure World Champion Diana Chaloux

By Eddie Cervantes,


  • CEO - Muscle 4 Life Nutrition LLC
  • Specialist In Performance Nutrition

  • Photo courtesy of Guillermo Velez

Diana Chaloux

    Hey everyone I have an exciting athlete for you.You might have already seen WBFF Pro Figure World Champion Diana Chaloux (pronounced "Shuh-Lou"),in the numerous fitness magazines, TV, and website ads. Besides being one of the top fitness personalities in the industry she is an outstanding athlete. I am honored to have had the chance to interview Diana to bring all of her knowledge, energy and motivation to the readers. Let's get to it!

    EC: Hello Diana you have been a busy lady, tell us a little about yourself and how you got started as a figure competitor?

    Diana: Hey there! My name is Diana Chaloux. I am originally from the beautiful state of Vermont, but currently reside in Kansas City, MO. Fitness has been my God given passion in life for as long as I can remember. I am an ACE/AFAA/FPI certified personal trainer, fitness coach, nutrition manager as well as a WBFF Pro Fitness Model and Figure athlete, FAME Pro Fitness Model and NPC National Level Figure Competitor. 
Top Secret My goal is to aid in the ongoing battle against overweight and obesity, and to provide education, motivation and inspiration for those seeking to lead a more fit and healthy lifestyle! The most important things in this world to me are my Faith, my family and amazing boyfriend Micah LaCerte, and fitness. I am grateful every day for all the blessings that I’ve received throughout my fitness journey. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot for and be featured in some of my favorite fitness magazines including Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness Hers, Inside Fitness and Status Fitness. I am the host of “Fit Dreams Come True with Diana Chaloux” which is featured on . I own my own business called Destined 2 Be Fit, and most recently I teamed up with Micah for the launch of his new Hitch Fit program which is an online personal training, nutrition and life coaching program. In a nutshell, I’m just a small town girl who is living my fitness dream and loving every minute of life.

    EC: What is your competitive history?

    Diana: My first show was the NPC John Sherman Classic 2005. After 18 weeks of grueling training and dieting, I lost almost 50 pounds and stepped onstage at my first competition, which was also a national qualifier, and took home first place in Figure D and the title of NPC National Level Competitor. I was hooked! My next show was the NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic 2006 where I once again placed first in Figure D. I competed in the NPC Junior Nationals in June 2006 and didn’t place so I decided I needed to take some time off. After a year and a half away from the stage I came back full force, this time I competed at the FAME Mike Kocsis Classic where I won 1st overall in the Fitness Model division and my WNSO Pro Status. My next show was the FAME North American Championships in November 2007 where I took home 1st place in the Pro Fitness Model Division. I took a couple months break and came back in June 2008 at the FAME World Championships where I placed 1st in the Pro Fitness Model Division and the title FAME Fitness Model World Champion. Next up was just a couple months later at the WBFF World Championships, this show was unbelievable! I had such a great time and I ended up placing 1st Overall in Figure, 3rd in Diva Fitness Model and the fun new title of WBFF Figure World Champion! I actually sanctioned my own show in San Antonio in May 2008. It was the Diana Chaloux FAME South Central Championships & Sports Expo, and it turned out to be an event the likes of which San Antonio had never seen!

    Photo courtesy of Guillermo Velez

Diana Chaloux

    EC: Wow! you have been busy. Do you have a trainer or contest coach to help you prepare for your competitions or did you achieve your physique on your own?

    Diana: In the beginning I had people aid me in these areas. I give my highest recommendation to all of them, each of the following people were an instrumental part of my fitness journey and I am grateful for their expertise and guidance. For my first couple of shows I worked with Justin Harris of Troponin Nutrition, he was great to work, knowledgeable and supportive, I learned a lot from him. I trained with Jonathan Uphoff for my first two events. He kept me on track and pushed me harder than I thought I could go. When I came back from my competitive hiatus I worked with Scott Trout in San Antonio, TX for my nutrition. Again, another great source of knowledge and guidance, and he kept me on track for my competitions. Now I know my body well enough to do things on my own, but I still like to have someone push me in training so for events Micah works with me to get me in my best condition.

    EC: Must be a great inspiration to have Micah on your team. What is your training philosophy?

    Diana: I believe that there are three things you need to do if you truly want to achieve your fitness goals, train hard, eat clean and live right. I believe that when it comes to your in the gym training you have to consistently challenge your body if you want to change it. I don’t believe that you have to spend hours and hours in the gym to have an ideal physique, I believe in efficient and effective training styles where the heart rate is consistently elevated, the exercises vary on a regular basis and time is not wasted sitting around and resting or chatting with other people. You’ve got to put just as much time into your kitchen routine as your gym routine if you are serious about your fitness, nutrition is 80% responsible for the way that your body looks. The third part of the equation is living right (this is a piece of the puzzle that Micah, as a life coach, has taught me a lot about and is one of the major things that is stressed in the Hitch Fit program) , so many people allow negative relationships, negative behaviors and negative situations hold them back from achieving their goals because they are afraid to let them go. When you live right, make healthy choices, eliminate the negatives and surround yourself with positives then you put yourself in a position to achieve your true potential.

    EC: That is a great way to live your life. One of's motto's is "Healthy Choices Create Healthy Bodies". If you could thank one person for helping you reach your fitness goals, who would it be?

    Diana: If I could thank one person for helping me reach my fitness goals it would be my sister Linda. Though she wasn’t my educator in the fitness or nutrition areas, she has been the wind beneath my wings from the start. Prior to living in Kansas City I was in San Antonio, TX for four years. I moved there to be close to my sister as she was going to start having children and wanted someone from her family to be close by. She was there for me from the moment I decided I was going to compete, sure she thought I was nuts, but she stuck by my side, she supported me, encouraged me when I was frustrated, put up with me when I was “Miss Cranky Pants”, she was there cheering for me at every event, she helped me with my makeup, my hair, made sure my tan was on even, and more importantly she let me know if I ever started being prideful and she puts me in my place if I ever start to get a big head. Linda was even the event manager for the show I sanctioned in San Antonio in May 2008, she made countless phone calls to potential sponsors, was my partner in everything. I would not have achieved any of the success which I have within this industry if it wasn’t for the support and love of my sister. I am eternally grateful to her and for her.

    EC: That is wonderful to have such a supportive sister "Thanks Linda". Family is so important. What does your current training workout look like?

    Diana: Right now I am in more of a maintenance phase. I’m not getting ready for any competitions, however I never get more than ten pounds away from where I would be to step on stage. I do cardio in the mornings 5-6 days a week for about 45 minutes and I do strength training in the afternoons. For cardio I either do stair climber, elliptical machine or running on occasion. For strength training I do a 5 day split typically, I train legs/back/chest/shoulders/arms and then I have two days off from strength training. I do abs once a week, oddly enough that is my least favorite muscle group to work! Lately I’ve been doing Tabata style training which entails doing 8 sets of an exercise for 20 seconds on then a 10 second rest. It is a killer workout and takes under a half an hour. I choose 3-4 exercises for the body part that I am training.

    Photo courtesy of John Stutz

Diana Chaloux

    EC: Yes I heard about Tabata style training being very effective. Is this training routine something that our readers can use to build muscle and lose body fat or is this something that is more suited for an advanced athlete?

    Diana: I think that this training would be suitable for an intermediate to advanced exerciser. If a beginner would like to try it out then they could just reduce the time or the amount of sets performed and progress themselves to a full 8 sets after as they get stronger! It would be a training style suitable for someone interested in weight loss, the heart rate is elevated the entire session, there is little rest time, and the weights do not need to be very heavy, so a lot of calories are burned.

    EC: That does sound like a person could burn a good amount of calories. Could you share with us your philosophy on nutrition for the off season and contest prep?

    Diana: I eat clean year round, but on the off season I have eat a wider variety of foods, I have a cheat meal once a week (it’s usually always ice cream ) and I’m not as strict about portion sizes. During contest prep I’m very strict, I basically eat the same thing every single day, I weigh everything out and I’m much more regimented. My diet consists of exactly what you would expect. My main protein sources are a good whey protein isolate powder, turkey, chicken, white fish and egg whites. Carb sources are oatmeal, sweet potatoes, rice cakes, brown rice and Ezekial bread or pitas. Fat sources are olive oil, almonds, natural peanut butter and flax seed. I mix and match my foods so that I get the right amount of carbs/proteins and fats. I eat tons of vegetables, I absolutely love them! I drink water like it’s going out of style. I literally carry a gallon around with me all the time. I don’t eat fried foods, I don’t eat fast food, I don’t drink soda, I very rarely drink alcohol, with the exception of my cheat meal I don’t eat anything that is high in sugar, if I eat dairy I only eat skim or non fat dairy. I’m very disciplined when it comes to my nutrition which is why I’m able to maintain my physique year round. I consider myself to be a walking advertisement for my business and for my sport, so I consider it my job to practice what I preach! I don’t feel deprived because when I really want to have a cheat food I just plan to have it as part of my cheat meal, and to be totally honest, I like having abs far more than I enjoy eating foods that would hold me back from achieving my fitness goals!

    EC: That is so true, your fit body is your advertisement if you are a Fitness Trainer. How important are supplements in your bodybuilding program and which supplements do you use year round?

    Diana: I use BCAA’s, Glutamine, Carnitine a Multi Vitamin and Whey Protein Isolate. That is about it, I don’t go crazy with supplementation, I eat really clean and get tons of fresh natural foods so I get the majority of the nutrients that my body needs from food. I use all of these year round.

    EC: What advice would you give to someone who has tried a number of weight loss programs with no success?

    Diana: The only way to lose weight in a healthy and maintainable way is through proper nutrition and consistent exercise. If you want to lose body fat and keep it off you can’t go on and off a diet, you have to adopt new eating and exercise habits which you can maintain for the rest of your life. There is NO pill that can do the work for you, there is NO magical machine that is going to give you six pack abs. The big secret is no secret at all, eat clean and exercise. That’s it. Find your motivation and just do it, don’t make excuses and don’t procrastinate, start making healthy choices today.

    EC: I agree totally. Where and when is your next competition?

    Diana: Right now my plan is to compete at the WBFF World Championships 2009 in Toronto, Canada to defend my WBFF Figure World Champ title! It’s going to be a great show, there are a lot of girls gunning for my title, so I’m going to have to be my very best!!

    EC: I will be rooting for you Diana. Who has been the most memorable person you have enjoyed working with

Diana ChalouxDiana: I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of memorable people. Photography wise I’ve had the chance to work with some incredibly talented people including John Stutz, David Ford, Paul Buceta, Guillermo Velez and Urban Stylz Photography. Trainer wise, working with Micah is absolutely incredible, he kicks my butt every time. I’ve had the chance to work with Monica Brant, in my first year or so of competing she taught me so much about posing, stage presentation etc. As far as who I have been able to work with for clients, I had the chance to train former NFL Running Back Priest Holmes all summer in 2008. He is an amazing athlete and so much fun to train.

    EC: Priest Holmes is an awesome running back. Would you like to give a shout out to anyone?

    Diana: Well of course! I’d like to give a shout out to Micah LaCerte and encourage everyone to check out the new Hitch Fit program at .

    EC: What are your big plans for the future?

    Diana: I’ve got huge plans for the future, as far as I’m concerned I’m just getting started in this industry. I have had the opportunity to shoot for Oxygen, and one of my greatest dreams would be to be on the cover one of these days! I will be doing a lot more online training and nutrition, I’m in the process of writing my first book, Micah and I will be bringing Hitch Fit to various countries worldwide, so more travel is definitely in the future for us. I plan to do a lot more public speaking, continue filming for my video series (and I believe that I will have my own tv show one of these days and I will continue to compete!

    EC: I am sure with your love for the fitness industry and drive you will reach all these goals and more. Anything else you would like to add?

    Diana: I’d like to thank you and for the interview and if anyone would like more information about my online or in person training and nutrition services, or competitor coaching and posing clinics, please stop by my website at, and feel free to write to me at . If you want to get to know me better check out my video show “Fit Dreams Come True with Diana Chaloux” featured on at

    Photo courtesy of Urban Stylz


    EC: You are very welcome Diana. You are an inspiration to people who want to live the healthy fit lifestyle and to people who are in the fitness industry. It was a lot of fun learning about what makes Diana Chaloux tick.

    We here at want wish you all the luck in the world with your fitness career. If you would like to learn more about Diana you can click on the above mentioned websites also you can go to punch in Diana Chaloux and watch her many motivational and instructional youtube videos.


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