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By Eddie Cervantes,


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Danaji Gonzalez

    Hello readers. I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Danaji Gonzalez.

    She is the complete package brains, beauty, brawn and ambition.

    When I first laid eyes on a photograph of Danaji I thought to myself this women is the definition of an athlete.

    I am excited to introduce this bodybuilding competitor, personal trainer and College student to all of the readers

    EC: Hello Danaji you are looking incredible these days. Tell our readers a little about yourself and how you got started in bodybuilding?

    Danaji: Well I got started in Bodybuilding just a couple of years ago in 2007. I am from McAllen, Texas and I work out at Pump 24 in the same city. My height is 5'6 and contest weight is 125lb, off season weight is 132lb. It was a dream that I always was hoping to accomplish. Prior to competing, I was in the US Air Force for 4 years.

    EC: Our thanks for your service to our country. What does your competitive history look like?

    I have competed 3 times; the first competition was in late 2007 in bodybuilding, then again that same year in figure. I decided I liked bodybuilding better and competed in bodybuilding again in mid 2008, which qualified me for Nationals, which will compete again later this year.

Danaji Gonzalez

    EC: That is awesome the Nationals! Do you have a trainer or contest coach to help you prepare for your competitions or did you achieve your physique on your own?

    Danaji: I have a group of individuals that have helped me. I get most of my help from Aaron Garza, the owner of Pump Gym, which is the gym I work for. He competed in the National level for many years.

    EC: The first thing I noticed about you was your incredible abdomens. What is your training philosophy?

    Danaji: Why not start today? I always hear people make excuses or put things up for a long time. It is never too late to start lifting and working out or to change your life around and be happy with yourself. You have to be strong minded and decide that you will accomplish this because you could not live with not trying.

    EC: Very wise advice. If you could thank one person for helping you reach your fitness goals, who would it be?

    Danaji: My mother for always believing in me, and showing me the importance of exercise when I was growing up.

    EC: This is exactly what I tell all my clients who have children, your children pick up on a parents habits, good or bad. What does your current training workout look like?

    Danaji: I do five days of cardio for about 30 min since I am trying to bulk a little bit. For weights, I do 6 days a week. I work shoulders, legs, back, and chest separate and calves and abs together and bi's and tri's together as well. I am going very heavy right now because I am trying to build muscle. Once competition gets closer, I will do more reps and less weight and double to triple cardio with combined plyometric workouts for cutting.

Danaji Gonzalez

    EC: Is this training routine something that our readers can use to build muscle and lose body fat or is this something that is more suited for an advanced athlete?

    Danaji: I think this is more for an advanced athlete because I am working out like a bodybuilder who already is getting a base line and trying to refine and concentrate on problem areas. For overall muscle cutting and building I recommend the plyometric workouts because they are fun and work incredibly well. You can do sprints at the park, bleachers, boot camp style workouts or football player drills in a group or by yourself and in a few workouts see the difference and feel great!

    EC: That sounds like a fun way to get in shape. Could you share with us your philosophy on nutrition for the off season and contest prep?

    Danaji: Off season diet is not all about eating more, it is about eating more of healthy foods and good calories. I am a firm believer in not letting yourself go on off season. You have to watch what you eat. Don't get me wrong, we are all still human and cheat from time to time but you have to make an effort to say no to foods that could mess up your hard work.

    EC: How important are supplements in your bodybuilding program and which supplements do you use year round?

    Danaji: They are very important. When I compete, I carry around a pill box everywhere and take them because they will help me achieve optimal muscle growth and recovery as well as provide the nutrients that I am not able to get because of my strict diet. Year round I consume a multi vitamin, CLA, l-glutamine, flax seed oil, and Vitamin E and C. These supplements can be
    found at and the website itself has everything you need to get started and keep up with training and nutrition needs for beginners and competitors a like.

    EC: What supplements do you feel are essential when preparing for a bodybuilding competition?

    Danaji: For a competition would definitely be your flax seed, ZMA, vanadyl sulfate, glutamine, creatine, multivitamin, vit c and vit e, protein powder, and a fatburner. has these and many other supplements at some of the best prices out there.

    EC: What advice would you give to someone who has tried a number of weight loss programs with no success?

    Danaji: I would say keep trying. At least you are at the gym trying to do something about it and that is one thing that you must remember no matter what. Ask someone, look it up in books or helpful health and fitness internet sites like and remember everyone is different. What method of weight loss that worked for one person may not work for you, so always try and find new and innovative ways to challenge yourself.

    EC: That is so true. Where and when is your next competition?

    Danaji: It will be the USA's in Las Vegas, Nevada on July of this year.

    EC: Great! you are coming to my home town. I will be sure to be there rooting for you. Who has been the most memorable person you have enjoyed working with

DanajiDanaji: It would probably be Aaron Garza because he is just a wealth of knowledge and information when it comes to bodybuilding and competing and he has been so kind as to share it with me. I have a great amount of respect for him and all people who help other bodybuilders get started. It is that small token that makes all the difference from getting the good advice that will win trophies or the bad advice that will have you staying the same.

    EC: Aaron Garza sound like a good person to know in the bodybuilding industry. Would you like to give a shout out to anyone?

    Danaji: I would like to give a shout out to all my friends from myspace. I know that if it wasn't for people appreciating and showing love for female bodybuilding, it would cease to exist. Those of you that want to contact me you can at: or

    EC: What are your big plans for the future?

    Danaji: I want to get my pro card, be a spokesperson for a big nutrition company, and maybe even own my own gym.

    EC: Danaji there is no doubt in my mind you will achieve all your plans and more. Anything else you would like to add?

    Danaji: I want to remind people that it's all about making the effort and keeping the end in mind. Dieting and workouts may be work at the beginning but I want to tell people it is not impossible. Just look at the Masters that compete! They are my inspiration! If any fans or business want to contact me for sponsorships or guest posing you can through email at Thanks to Muscle4Life for making this happen and being such a great innovator and supporter of competitors.


    EC: Your welcome Danaji. It has been a joy and a learning lesson for the Muscle 4 Life Nutrition Team and anyone interested in achieving lifetime fitness. Good luck at the USA's and we will be rooting for you. will continue to bring elite athletes like Danaji to our readers and customers. Giving them the opportunity to attain the highest knowledge of motivation, fitness education and to show that with perseverance you can achieve all your fitness goals.

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