Inteview with IFPA Natural Bodybuilder
Christy Resendes

By Eddie Cervantes,


  • CEO - Muscle 4 Life Nutrition LLC
  • Specialist In Performance Nutrition

Christy Bicep Pose Purple Dress

    I finally caught up with natural bodybuilding competitor Christy Resendes to find out what it takes to be a top notch athlete and how she built her buff and beautiful Physique.

    EC: Hello Christy, tell us a little about yourself and what brought you to the world of bodybuilding?

    Christy: I was introduced to weight lifting and bodybuilding at the age of 14 when I watched my mother compete in her first bodybuilding show. I was really inspired by her hard work and dedication. So much so, that the following year I joined a gym. Three months after joining and dieting, I competed in my first bodybuilding show.

    It was the same show my mother had competed in the year prior. It was great. I placed first, won overall and best poser just as she had done. It was such an amazing experience that I was hooked after that!

    EC: Now you sound like a natural to me. Where do you reside and train at?

    Christy: I currently reside in Fairhaven, MA. and train at Champion’s Fitness Center in New Bedford

    EC: Have you ever had a trainer or have you always done it on your own?

    Christy: I never really had a trainer. My mother and some of her friends helped me get started. I later went to college for physical education and majored in exercise science. However, I would not say that I train alone. My current training partner of three years happens to be my oldest daughter. She is 13 years old and plans to compete next year.

    EC: That is really cool, your daughter is following in her mother's and grandmother's foot steps. What is your training philosophy?

    Christy: Persistence + Consistency = Desired Affect

    EC: "Desired Affect" I like that. What does your current training workout look like? 
Christy Back Pose


    I have a periodization program, which is a detailed training program for the year. It has three different mesocycle cycles within it: off-season (strength & power training), pre-contest (leaning phase), and strongwoman training (strength & endurance training).

    Each mesocycle varies in duration from 3 to 4 months and within each mesocycle it’s broken down further into specific objectives for 1-3 weeks of time duration. I am currently in the strength & endurance cycle and I weight train 4 times per week and cardio 4 times per week.

    I will be in this cycle of strength & power training until January. It includes for the most part Olympic lifts, power lifts and compound exercises. It’s a low volume and heavy weight training cycle and has longer periods of rest in between sets than the other cycles. The main objective for me in this period is to increase muscle strength, explosiveness (reaction of fast twitch muscle fibers) and endurance.

    EC: Is this training routine something that our readers can use to build muscle and lose body fat or is this something that is more suited for an advanced athlete?

    Christy: My training program is designed specifically for me and may not have the same affects for other individuals as it does for me. It is geared toward someone who has been training for awhile.

    EC: Can you give us a run down of the competitions you have competed in?



  • 10/16/93 - ANBC Whaling City Bodybuilding Championships
      Age: 15 
    Weight: 120 
    Placing: Women 1st Place Overall
      Best Poser

  • 10/30/04 - ANBC-New England Natural Bodybuilding & Figure
    Age: 26 
    Weight: 142 
    Placing: Novice-Women Best Poser 
    Novice-Women Overall Champion 
    Open-Women Division Overall Champion 
  • 11/04/04 - ANBC-U.S. ANBC Naturals Bodybuilding, Figure & fitness Championships 
    Age: 26 
    Weight: 140 
    Placing: Open Women Tall 1st place - Earned Pro Status

  • 04/23/05 - Muscle Mania Atlantic 
    Age: 27 
    Weight: 138 
    Placing: Open Women 1st place 
  • 05/08/05 - NPC-2005 New England Bodybuilding & Fitness
    Championships  Age: 27 
    Weight: 134 
    Placing: Heavy Weight 2nd place 
  • 08/20/2005 - NAS-2005 Hudson River Strongman
      Age: 27 
    Weight: 163 
    Placing: 1st place - Qualified for Nationals

  • 09/24/2005 - NPC-Northeastern Tournament of Champions
    Bodybuilding, Fitness, & Figure Championships In conjunction
    with Massachusetts State Bodybuilding Championships 
    Age: 27 
    Weight: 143 
    Placing: 2nd in both shows 
    Qualified for Nationals & Team Universe
  • 10/08/2005-IFPA InShape Pro Classic
    Age: 27
    Weight: 142
    Placing: 2nd
  • 11/05/2005- INBF Monster Mash
    Age: 27
    Weight: 140
    Placing: 4th
  • 11/19&20/2005 –MuscleMania World
    Age: 28
    Weight: 140
    Placing: 3rd
  • 4/1/2006 –NAS- Stronger Than All 2
    Age: 28
    Weight: 170
    Placing: 5th in the women’s heavy weight
    2006 NGA Pro Universe - 6th Place
    2006 NGA Granite State Open* - Overall Bodybuilding Champion &
    1st Place in Heavyweight *Awarded NGA Pro card
    2006 IFPA US Capital Pro Classic - 5th Place
  • 07/13 & 14/2007 Team Universe Bodybuilding & Fitness
    Championships National level Competition - 3rd Women’s Heavyweight
  • 03/5 & 7/2008 Arnold Amateur IFBB International Bodybuilding,
    Fitness, and Figure Championships - 5th Women's Middleweight
  • 07/25/2009 NPC USA Bodybuilding, Fitness and Bikini
    Championships – 9th Woman’s Light Heavyweight
  • EC: That is an impressive record. What was the hardest thing you had to deal with when it came to your diet?

    Christy: I think that the last week prior to competing is the hardest. In that last week I have to carb deplete, sodium deplete, then dehydrate and carb load. It makes me feel very weak and exhausted during this time.

Christy-Bikini Pose EC: Give me an example of your diet. What do you normally eat each day?

    Christy: Meal 1: 6 Egg Whites
    1 Slice Ezkiel Bread,
    ½ TBS Peanut Butter

    Pre Workout: 1-2 Scoops VasoCharge

    During Training: 2-3 Scoops Xtend

    Meal 2: 6 Egg Whites
    ½ TBS Peanut Butter
    1 Slice Ezkiel Bread

    Meal 3: 5 Ounces Chicken Breast
    1 Cup Broccoli

    Meal 4: 1 Scoop Whey Protein
    1 TBS Peanut Butter

    Meal 5: 5 Ounces 90% Lean
    Ground Beef
    1 Cup Broccoli
    2 Slices Ezkiel Bread

    Meal 6: 1 Scoop Whey Protein
    1 TBS Peanut Butter

    EC: If you could thank one person for helping you reach your professional and fitness goals, who would it be?

    Christy: After doing my first competition in 1993, I stopped competing. I continued to weight lift consistently throughout the years, but was a bit intimidated to compete again. My fear was that I wouldn’t be good enough or big enough because I am a natural athlete.

    In 2004, while attending Bridgewater State College, my professor Dr. Ellen Robinson a former bodybuilder herself gave me the push I needed. She is an amazing person/ teacher always inspiring her students and she really motivated me. Without her belief in me and that push to get me going, I don’t think I would have competed again. I am eternally grateful to her for everything.

    EC: How important are supplements in your fitness program and which supplements do you use year round?

    Christy: Supplements are a key factor when it comes to show time, I usually take a natural diuretic, potassium supplement, and whey protein during this time. I regularly take a multi vitamin, Xtend, VasoCharge and whey protein and occasionally a red line energy drink.

    EC: What advice would you give to someone who has tried a number of weight loss programs with no success?

    Christy: If you have fully committed to a healthy diet and exercise program, where you train at least 3 days per week, and haven’t seen any results; my option would be to seek the advice of a physician. My Aunt had a thyroid problem and this affected her ability to lose weight. Everyone is different and unique.

    Which means that our bodies are also unique, the way my body responds to diet and training will differ greatly to someone who has never done either dieting or training before. Therefore, if what your doing doesn’t work for you, you may want to seek the advice of a nutritionist and/or personal trainer. Don’t give up!!! You just haven’t found what works best for you yet. 
Christy Laying Down

    EC: What has been your stepping stone to get where you are today?

    Christy: My three fabulous children are what fuels my passion.

    Well let me tell you how it started… It started as a dream to be known as the best natural bodybuilder and earn the title of Ms. Olympia. But I didn’t think this was very feasible goal since it’s not a natural bodybuilding competition.

    I have never and will never use steroids or diuretics, which is what I thought I would have to do to obtain that title. I would often dream about how cool it would be to model and be in magazines. Then someone told me “So then do it!!” My initial thought was that I shouldn’t even waist my time, it’s not going to happen.

    Then after thinking about how fast life goes by and what I want my children to learn from me, I came to a conclusion. I want them to be whatever it is that they want to be. I don’t ever want them to feel that any thing is impossible or unattainable.

    I want them to know that it might not be easy and they may fall, but its okay. They might even fail and that’s okay too! So long as they tried. Which brings me to conclude that saying this to my children, when I didn’t believe in myself, would not help re-confirm what I would like them to learn. I have to show them through my efforts, hard work, and my down falls. And now I’m not dreaming any more. I’m working on achieving my goals.

    EC: Where and when is your next competition?

    Christy: My next competition will be NPC Team Universe 2010 held in New York in September. My goal for this competition is to obtain my professional status.

    EC: Christy I have all the confidence you be achieving the professional status you are after. Tell me about your family?

    Christy: I have three beautiful children, two girls ages 9 and 13 and a son who is 5. I love them with all my heart and soul.

    EC: What has bodybuilding taught you thus far?

    Christy: It has taught me a great deal about life and how to apply that same desire and dedication into other facets of life and become just as successful.

    EC: What is your favorite muscle you enjoy workout and why?

    Christy: The exercises that I enjoy the most would be dead lifts and squats. I like legs and back the most because those are my strongest body parts. My least favorite exercises are anything to do with traps and forearms, because they are such a small muscle group.

    The body part that I like the most would be my biceps because of their split peak. My least favorite would be my waist, because I have a wide waist line.  

  • Bi: 14in
  • Chest: 42in
  • Waist: 31in
  • Hips: 38in
  • Thigh: 23in
  • Calves: 15.5in
  • Bench: 205lbs x 1 rep
  • Parallel Squat: 405lbs x 5 reps
  • 18in Axel Dead Lift: 405lbs x 2 reps
  • (no wraps)

    EC: Christy, you have an awesome physique and your biceps are outstanding! "Welcome to the gun show" Who has been the most memorable person you have enjoyed working with? Christy Sitting On Bed Sexy

    Christy: My best friend (more like a sister) Angie has been by far the most memorable and always a pleasure and an honor to have her by my side.

    EC: Would you like to give a shout out to anyone?

    Christy: OH YEAH, I would like to give a shout out to all supporters of female bodybuilding. Of course I would also extend my gratitude to my family and friends, my nutritionist Dave Lyford, and my clothing sponsor’s Rosalinda’s Fashion.

    EC: What are your big plans for the future?

    Christy: To be the best I can be as a natural athlete and to inspire more athletes to do the same. To become Ms. Olympia is my ultimate goal.

    EC: Anything else you would like to add?

    Christy: I would like to thank for this opportunity and for putting their customers first. I wish you only the best!!

    EC: Your welcome Christy and thank you for allowing our readers a look into the life of a champion. Let us know when you receive your professional status. God Bless!

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