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There are many different forms of amino acids. Amino acids can be in L- or D- configuration, free form, and polypeptide bonded. Firstly, you should always look for the L- form. This is due to the fact that the L- configuration is found in nature and allows for better absorption. Secondly, peptide bonded amino acids are the best form of wide spectrum amino acid such as Eclipse 2020 mega amino. The research suggests that peptide bonded amino acids derived from lactalbumin and egg albumin yield increased nitrogen retention, have the highest biological value, and are absorbed very quickly. Free form amino acids also have there place in bodybuilding. Free form means that a protein has been broken down into a single amino acid. So when you are looking for a single amino acid or a combination of single amino acids, such as branched chain amino acids (BCAA), then you need to look for the L-configuration in free form. Eclipse Deluxe BCAA combination contains 400 mg L-valine, 400 mg L-Leucine, and 200 mg L-Isoleucine per capsule in 100% free form pharmaceutical grade.

There are many different applications for amino acid supplementation. For instance, someone who can not consistently ingest several different high quality protein sources, should be utilizing some type of amino acid supplement. Currently, the scientific research tends to be centering on two distinct areas. One area being muscle preservation during caloric restriction by competitive bodybuilders or any athlete that requires making a weight class. The other area being the central fatigue inhibition of endurance and ultra endurance athletes. Studies have shown that supplementing with BCAA during hypocaloric intake can inhibit muscle wasting and promote fat burning.1,2 Research with endurance athletes suggest that when they engage in extremely long duration exercise, the body will utilize some muscle protein as energy when glycogen reserves are low. This muscle protein is mainly comprised of BCAA’s. So by supplementing with BCAA you can provide the body with extra substrate for energy. This can result in sparing your bodily protein stores and enhance endurance, hence the name central fatigue inhibition.3,4

100% Freeform

Eclipse Sport Supplementsuses only the finest raw materials to manufacture this product. Deluxe BCAA contains no sugar, starch, preservatives, yeast or artificial flavors.Active Ingredients: Each capsule contains 1000 mg. pure freeform branched chain amino acids, 400mg. L-Valine, 400mg.L-Leucine, 200mg. L-Isoleucine.Suggested Use: 3 capsules daily, preferably after training or between meals.

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REFERENCES1. D.A.Maclean et al. Stimulation of muscle ammonia production during exercise following BCAA supplementation in humans. J.Physiol.(lond.)493:909-922,1996.2. A.Mourier et al. Combined effect of caloric restriction and branched chain amino acid supplementation on body composition and exercise performance in elite wrestlers.Int J.Sport Med.18:47-55,1997.3. E.Blomstrand et al. Administration of branched chain amino acids during prolonged exercise effects on performance and Ron plasma concentration of serum amino acids.Eur.J.Appl.Physiol.63:83-88,1991.4. Kreider et al. Effects of amino acid supplementation on ultra endurance triathalon performance. In Proceedings of First World Congress on Sport Nutrition. Barcelona, Spain: Enero, pp. 490-536.,1992.

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