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MUSCLE TECH CELL-TECH H.C. 4.5lb FLAVORS: FRUIT PUNCH, ORANGE, GRAPE, LEMON LIME Retail Price: $56.99 Your Price: $36.54 plus shipping


Detailed Description Cell-Tech�� is an advanced creatine formula. Designed by MuscleTech researchers, Cell-Tech was engineered to build muscle size and strength quickly by forcing more creatine inside your muscles than would be possible using any other regular creatine supplement.

The advanced ingredient combinations found in Cell-Tech are protected by a number of patents: U.S. Patents 6,136,339 and 5,968,900, Canadian Patent CA 2246014, as well as European Patent EP798971. Further patents are also pending around the world.

The ingredients in Cell-Tech go straight to your muscles to help you train harder, become stronger, and look bigger! Cell-Tech provides the highest quality creatine, including a specific blend of different forms of creatine (creatine monohydrate, creatine anhydrous, dicreatine malate, and creatine alpha-ketoglutarate).

"New Cell�Tech now contains Crea;Edge; SMG;and Lipoic;Tech;

Cell-Tech also provides 75 grams of pharmaceutical-grade dextrose per serving, which spikes insulin levels high enough to store creatine in the muscles. Without this insulin spike provided by 75 grams of dextrose, creatine does not enter the muscle efficiently.

Finally, Cell-Tech provides exactly 200 milligrams of alpha lipoic acid per serving. Alpha lipoic acid sensitizes the muscles to insulin, which makes the muscles more effective at absorbing creatine.

Cell-Tech's advanced formula combined with diet and weight training can help athletes train harder and get stronger. Using Cell-Tech can increase the amount of creatine absorbed by the muscles, which creates a powerful cell-volumizing effect. Research studies have shown that volumizing a muscle cell is causes a response that helps to stimulate muscle growth and strength.

"The new CellTech includes an updated formula with flavor crystals for enhanced taste!"

In fact, in one study, subjects who combined Cell-Tech with a weight-training program gained an average of over 9 pounds of mass in 8 weeks. In another study, Cell-Tech subjects built more muscle than subjects using creatine with juice in only 7 days!

The unique ingredients in Cell-Tech make it an industry leader and among the most highly researched creatine supplements available.

Cell-Tech is also perfect to stack with Nitro-Tech. If you're an athlete looking to be your best, take Cell-Tech?and achieve the phenomenal results you deserve!

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